Sunday, June 17, 2012

~*I'm Spoiled*~

Yes, dear friends, it is true.  I am spoiled... spoiled rotten!  Next Friday is our wedding anniversary.  We will have been happily married for seven years.  I love Tony more and more every day... and am so blessed to be with him.  He is such a wonderful man... wonderful husband... and wonderful father... just all around awesomely wonderful!  You get the point, right?  I love him!!!
 Well, last weekend he surprised me with my anniversary gift.
 A lovely Harrisville Designs floor loom!

When I woke up last Saturday, I had no idea that I would soon be the new owner of this beautiful (used) weaving loom... or that I would even be rekindling my old weaving passion!  I have a small tabletop loom that we found recently at an antique store, but I haven't been able to use it because it is in need of repair.

I took weaving for a couple of years in high school as an elective... and enjoyed it very much.  I owned a large floor loom like this for awhile, but it too was in need of repair and unusable.  I didn't have the money to get it repaired, so I sold it.


We began the day by visiting our local park.  Our small town was holding its annual event ~ Americus Days.  There were vendors set up in the park offering their wares and foodies.  One of the vendors is a local resident... who weavers beautiful rugs and bags out of recycled/reclaimed denim.  We had a very nice visit together... and I was in awe of her work.

We then set out for an event in Cottonwood Falls... Flint Hills Folk Life festival.  Where there were three other weavers offering their beautiful wares.  Plus, there is an awesome fiber shop in downtown Cottonwood Falls called Fiber Factory... where I continued to oooh and awe... and drool over the woven works and looms.

When we arrived home, Tony told me to look on the internet for a loom for sale.  Honestly, I still didn't think I would be getting one, but I looked.  Then I spotted one for sale in Hoyt.  The seller turned out to be a woman I know and a fellow rug hooker.  She was leaving town for vacation, but would be home that evening if we wanted to come by to see it.  Hoyt is over an hour away, but Tony insisted we hop in the truck and go check it out.  Well, he bought it for me... but the day wasn't over.  Since we were so near the Thunder Hill Speedway, we then decided to go to the races!  More fun!!!

All in all, last Saturday started early and ended late.  We traveled through six Kansas counties, saw and played a lot!  It was a wonderful, unplanned, spontaneous day!

Yes, the purchase of the loom was very unplanned, and on a whim... but I do love it!  I've been studying all week and trying to remember what I was taught so long ago.  I'm planning to have it warped up soon (hopefully today) so I can start weaving my first rag rug on it!

Yes, I have yet another crafty passion... and still lack all the time I want/need/require/must have to do it all... but I'm still going to try!

Thanks for letting me share!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Happy early anniversary to you and what a memorable one. I hope you found the time to have it warped up.
    Hugs :)

  2. How exciting for you Betty! Happy early Anniversary to you both! It's so sweet to hear you talk about how much you love your husband. He sure is a lucky guy!! I can't wait to see your first project :)

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a fun day and a lovely gift! My favorite things to weave are towels! Happy Weaving Betty!

  4. Happy anniversary to you and Tony! Sounds like you had a great day and got a great gift, too! Can't wait to see what you turn out!

  5. Wow! Betty, that is so sweet!! He's a great guy, glad you've got him! (PS: He's lucky too, you are a great gal!)

  6. What a wonderful way to spend the day!!! I love spontaneous road trips. They are always so much more fun. Happy Anniversary to you and Tony!!!! Enjoy your loom and can't wait to see your creations!..patijane

  7. WOW!!! How exciting Betty! Looking forward to seeing your weaved pieces!

  8. Betty you and Tony are both luck yot have each other...wishing you a happy anniversary and many more...

    Looking forward to seeing what you create with the loom...

  9. What a lucky girl you are and Tony is a keeper, he is so thoughtful and full of surprises. I can't wait to see what you make, I do love loomed items. I have a small wood one that I found at a thrift, so i need to try it one of these days.


  10. Happy Anniversary!
    Tony sounds like a keeper!


  11. Happy Anniversary Betty and Tony!
    What a wonderful love story that involves two wonderful people and a loom!
    I foresee many happy days ahead and many beautiful creations on that loom!
    Hugs and Blessings!
    Cathy G

  12. Happy Anniversary and what a wonderful gift! Enjoy using your new loom :)

  13. Love the new/used floor loom. I am lucky to have a great spinning/weaving guild in the town where I live.
    If you need any tips, help or just inspiration the websight is
    They also have a facebook page if you want to visit. Hope this helps.

  14. Wow...someone worse than me on the number of hobbies we have......It sounds like you are blessed with a wonderful husband that knows what a girl likes...Linda.

  15. congrats on 7 years and a wonderful guy who knows what you like! a great gift and im sure it wont take long to get back in the swing of things! enjoy your evening!

  16. How exciting Betty. I think you will have hours of fun with this. Fiber is addictive in all forms. I have done a little weaving and it has been something I have wanted to pursue. So happy for you!!!! What a keeper your hubby is.


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