Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Hello Dear Friends!  Yes, that is what I am trying to tell myself.  Do you ever do that?  I just feel so cluttered... cluttered with starts and piles of things that need to be finished.  See...
A locker hooked rug waiting for a backing and several punches needing to be sewn into pinkeeps/pillow tucks or mounted on boxes... some of these are even designated as gifts!  Sadly too, some of them were even punched so long ago!  Why are they piling up?
 And you see... I have even more started...
 This is a buffet that Tony and I carried to the garage last week so I could get it sanded and painted for my booth at Ellie Lou's.  I'm thinking it will be a pretty Robin's Egg Blue... but so far, I haven't touched it.
 A Halloween Sampler that I designed in FEBRUARY!  It gets a few stitches here and there... but geeshhhh!  Betty Girl!  Get it DONE!
 And the next schoolhouse sampler... with only part of the border stitched!  ugghhhh...
 My goal this week is to find my FOCUS and get off my duff... and get to work... and get these things finished!

Oh... and then look what came in my mail!  What is a girl to do?
 Well, I am going to TRY!  At least I'll do it with a smile!
Wishing you warm smiles too...


  1. Step 1 - Red Sunny Brook!
    Step 2 - Finish your other stuff... lol!

  2. Betty,

    I'm thinking about trying the locker hooking - what do you back your finished pieces with?

    Also - get those designs done pronto - so we can buy them - LOL! And if you ever need a model stitcher - I work for free or for Starbucks cards - tee hee! I've stitched alot of models for my friend who also does designs....

    Linda in VA

  3. I'm the same way. I start something and then something new catches my eye. I'm doing a swap so I had a deadline to get some projects done. That got me moving. :-)

  4. Betty, I have the same exact problem with UFO's. I recently finished up over a dozen and rewarded myself by starting more! LOL. ~Ann

  5. Oh deary I am going the same way...trying and looking and finding..sigh
    Wishing you a happy day xxx

  6. Lots of wonderful new pieces, I do enjoy punching in the summer.


  7. A lot of neat punch needle pieces! I always put off putting backings on things, it's not as fun!

  8. Yes....get that Halloween Sampler done :)

  9. My goodness you have a lot of things made up reminds me of the piles I have! Hope you find your "focus" :)

  10. Oh I doooooo understand about the "piles". I have been known to make Friday ...Friday Finishing Day! Only because I like the name. I didn't come up with it.

    Set aside x amount of finishes to do just on Friday and then you can write them down on your
    Finished Projects List. That's my goal....to see how many I can get done to put on that Finished list I keep.

  11. It looks like you're getting alot accomplished though! It will all be worth it in the end.


  12. nice to be getting things finished.. love the pumpkin faces! enjoy your stitchen!


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