Sunday, July 22, 2012

~*MiniMax Maiden Voyage!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I hope you have had a joyous weekend!
We have enjoyed family time... and I did squeeze in some crafty moments.  For this post... I want to brag about my beloved husband, Tony.
You may remember many moons ago when I shared photos of him constructing his homemade~MiniMax.  Well, today was his Maiden Voyage!  Oh... I was so worried he would get hurt... even gave him a big kiss and a tight hug before he climbed aboard!  He was grinning from ear to ear... and was so happy... and I was happy for him!
I'm not a great camera person with the video... but you can see...
 His craft... on his home~made trailer... he can fix anything!

The MiniMax is basically made from two sheets of birch plywood!
 There are a few things he wants to change & make better... and he still needs to hook the steering up to the boat... but he didn't sink!  :-)
 It was a fun day at the lake... and great to see him so happy with his success!
Wishing you warm smiles...


  1. Oh wow Betty. How fun is that!! Now I want one too!!
    Great to see our guys have fun!!


  2. i would be so proud too!! Bravo! Bravo! I love the style of this craft! that is a pretty big motor on the back!

  3. A man of may fun to be on his own boat in the water!

  4. Oh my how creative and brilliant! I bet he WAS proud of himself! I have to share this with my daddy especially and my hubby!

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. How fun and i notice it only fits one person, lol. Guess it is just a guy thing;)


  6. fun to see a man happy and safe with his toys! enjoy your day!

  7. That is so cool!! Excellent craftsmanship.


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