Wednesday, August 8, 2012

~*What's Stitchin'?*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Since I have continued to be terribly quiet... I thought it would be a good idea to share a sneak peek with you...
Pearl Raeann Price... another fictional student from Victor Minor... the schoolhouse in Edna, Kansas 1863.
 Yes, I'm working on pattern three in the series... and it is coming along nicely.

In other news... Summer is quickly coming to an end at our home.  School will resume on August 23rd.  We have continued to play each day and have lots of fun.  But also... Trinity has his 10th birthday on the 26th.  He knew what he wanted for his birthday and he couldn't wait any longer... so we caved and went to pick it up this past Monday... a new Cockatiel that he named Midas.

Doesn't he look happy?
 Midas is already very entertaining.  His breeder must have told him how pretty he is.  His favorite thing to do... stand in front of the mirror and whistle at himself!
I have one very nice ~*Friday Finish*~ that has been shared with me.  I'm excited to share it with you on Friday.  Please, if you have one too... send it to me & I will share it!
Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. Such a cute little boy. I hope he has a very happy birthday!

  2. I love this new stitching project so much..
    Midas is looking sweet and Trinity so happy..
    Big hugs xxx

  3. What a great gift! Little birdies are so silly! Happy early Birthday to Trinity!

  4. Happy Birthday to Trinity! I think Midas has found himself a very happy little boy! School starting already! Hope the weather cools down for the kids before then!
    Your stitching is always so pretty! Great designs...
    Stitch on!!
    Cathy G

  5. Oh my goodness Trinity has grown up! Very handsome little guy!! Happy Early Birthday Trinity and enjoy your new pal, Midas. Enjoy these last days of summer, school will be back in full swing in no time!!!


  6. My Great-Grandmother's name was Pearl. So this will be a fun design to stitch!

    Congrats to your son on his new "friend"...

    Linda in VA

  7. beauriful samplers and beautiful almost 10 year old with a great presant!

  8. Loved the peek of the forthcoming sampler!
    Trinity is a happy and handsome boy. Looks
    like Midas was a great birthday gift.


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