Monday, September 3, 2012

~*A Quiet Holiday Afternoon*~

Hello Friends and Happy Labor Day!  We have enjoyed our holiday weekend... and my wishes are that all of you have as well.

Today has been a quiet day... and I've been working on quickies for the flea market.  I'll only have a couple of tables... and they should be full... with lots of things spread out on the sidewalk under them.  I've only shopped at this flea market in the past... so this is going to be an all~new~venture for me.  Hopefully it goes well... and I enjoy friends old and new during the day.

I'll be offering my vintage junk and antiques... and many of my handmades.

Here are a few things I've made this afternoon from my 'junk stash'...

Yup...more PINKEEPS!
 I've used a vintage quilt... that would be considered serious CUTTER~QUILT~QUALITY on some and vintage feed sack cloth on others.  They are filled them with woolly snippets.  I seem to find tiny dishes and fillable things in my sleep!  My favorite in the bunch?  Well, it would be the old, leather baby shoe!  *SMILE*

Then, while I was making them all... I remembered I had this old grater.  It was one I picked up long ago with the intentions of making myself a pinkeep... and today I did it!  Since taking the picture, it has been placed on my sewing table/desk... and filled with my pins & needles...
 You may remember me posting about making some of these before.  VISIT THIS POST to read about the materials & my how~to.  

Wishing you all warm smiles... and a wonderful holiday...



  1. The pin keep grinder is fabulous. My grandmother had one of those. I remember watching her make ham and pickle sandwiches. If I ever find hers, I'm making one.

  2. Lots of wonderful pin cushions, haven't used a grinder since I was a kid. I loved using it when we went clamming to grind them up for chowder.


  3. wow they all so cute..
    happy labor day to you xx

  4. Like the idea of the grinder dad still uses his meat grinder. Every deer season it gets lots of use. He use to make lots of ham and pickle sandwiches, too!


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