Sunday, September 9, 2012

~*What a FUN time!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Oh goodness... it has been such a fun few days!  Where do I even begin to start... to tell you all about it?

Well... at the beginning, I guess!

On Friday, it was such a SUPER treat to see my sweet, Oklahoma buddies Ginger and PatiJane!  They were on the way to a hook~in in Warsaw, MO... and drove the long way from home through Kansas to get there.  They stopped by here to visit, see our booth, and have a bite for lunch.  I just LOVE these ladies!  They have hearts of gold and are the most amazing gals!  I feel especially blessed to know them and call them friends!  If I could wish for anything in life... it would be that I could be more like them.  Their character and personality is honestly like that of angels!

My SIL, Robin, and I had met at our booth Friday morning to re~arrange and add a shelf that Robin's husband made... that we desperately needed.  (Thank you Jimmy!)  Then, the two of us browsed the shops on Commercial Street in downtown Emporia.  We were anxiously waiting for the girls to show up.  They were suppose to text me when close.  When I couldn't wait anymore, I texted them... and found they were already at the booth looking & shopping!  Robin & I rushed back... and the smiles & laughter began!  

The girls didn't have to... but they gave gifts!

PatiJane made this for Trinity...
 This is so amazing!  Trinity thinks to too!  He named him "Bill Bones"... and I hung him on the front porch of the studio, because he would show up great against the red walls.
 I don't know how she did it... but he is made out of several milk/ice tea jugs & zip ties.  So much detail & neatness!!!!  Thank you PatiJane!  <3 br="br">
 Ginger painted this sweet snowman picture.  It has a ribbon hanger on on the back.  She is such an amazing artist!  She also gave me these two balls of dyed yarn.  I'm excited to punch something with it!  Thank you Ginger!   <3 font="font">

Our visit together was only a few hours, but we do hope to drive down to Oklahoma soon to visit more!

Saturday was the Great American Market in downtown Emporia.  I was up out of bed by 3:30am... and on the street by 4:45 to set up in the dark.  My family was there early to help too... (sweet MIL, Mary working at pricing things in the dark)
 The sun came up... and the friendly folks started walking up & down the street...
It was a great day!  I met up with friends... old & new.  I worked on needlepunch during the day to keep my fingers busy.  I love to share the art!  

We had a fun, busy day downtown.  I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.

We do have another market coming up before then though.  It will be on September 21st & 22nd... Fabulous Finds on 99!  This is going to be a spectacular event!  Mark your calendars... and don't miss it!

On Saturday during the market... we will be set up in front of The Orchard with a booth... offering our fun junk & handmade wares.  I'll keep you posted during the next couple of weeks with updates.

For now... I need to get busy catching up around home... it seems some laundry has piled up!  Some stitching needs to be done too!

Wishing you warm smiles...




  1. hello dear, glad so had a fun time..
    deary skeleton is so cute..and the snowman picture is a darling..
    american market sound so nice..i wish i can come one day too and visit you.
    keep well dear and happy sunday x

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend and so wonderful that the girls stopped by to visit.


  3. We really had a great time with you gals...and LOVE everything about your booth! Loving all my goodies I don't know if I can part with any of them. Glad you had a good day at the Great American Market hope your Fabulous Finds on 99 turns out to be a super day too! Who knows may have to have another road trip before too long :)


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