Monday, October 29, 2012

~*Quiet Opening*~... this Saturday!

Hello Dear Friends!

Before I say anything else... let me first say my East Coast Friends are in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope you and your families are keeping safe with this terrible storm.  I've watching the news anchors on television... and it does look so awful and so scary.

Please keep safe!


Many of you have read, I'm opening a teeny, tiny shop in my studio.  The Grand Opening won't be until January when I can set official store hours... but I am going to open it this Saturday for my ~*Quiet Opening*~... and expect to be in the store more and more as the days go by.  Once my stepDad has had his heart surgery and is all well again, the daily hours will be set.

So, I've been working hard at cleaning, pricing, organizing, and all the tiny details... and have been so super stressed wanting this to be a success.  Really, this is just a tiny shop... one roomOne little bitty roomOne room that is only about 12 by 14 feet!  (just over 150 square feet!)  Now... that is SMALL!  But, it is mine!  And I am very proud of what is has become!

Here is what I started with...
 The inside was full of old wallpaper... on the walls and the ceiling.  CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF THE BEFORE INSIDE.
 As with most things in life... it didn't come easy... and it didn't come quick.  The house didn't have electricity and was full of pack rats.  There have been some major changes!  This is what it looks like now...
 The room to the left (with the star over the window) still isn't done and probably won't be.   I'm using it for storage and furniture painting.  That part of the house is the original... on a hand dug basement... that I'm pretty sure is falling in.  One day, it will be removed completely.  One day, my dream is to add on to the shop in that location with new construction.  But that is one day... not now.

For now, I have two rooms.   Two small rooms.  One is the shop ~ where the door opens to.  One is my studio ~ the window to the right.

Here is how the shop is looking now...

 My patterns are stocked... with the models hanging in the studio room.  I didn't get the camera out in that room tonight except to snap a picture of my sign painting... at the end of this post.
I've managed to fill it up pretty good... and expect to be adding much more!
 I'm finishing up some small details... quickly.  Tonight I started painting the sign for the front yard.

I couldn't have done this without my loving husband, Tony... and the support of all my family & friends.  Thank you to each and everyone of you for giving me the strength and encouragement to fulfill my dream!

Friends that are close & wish to come by... the ~*Quiet Opening*~ is scheduled for this Saturday from 10:00~4:00.

2322 Road F5
Americus, KS 66835

Please know that I do hope to fill my tiny, teeny, weeny, little shop more and more over the next few weeks, months to come.  For the GRAND OPENING, I will have light refreshments and a couple of door prizes.  That will be in January... and I'll announce it here on my blog and on Facebook when the date is set.  This weekend is just a quiet, friendly get together for those that wish to stop by.  (I'll have a few Hershey's candy bars to share!)  I would enjoy visiting with you if you do stop.  *smile*

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Oh how lovely! I want to come shopping!
    Maybe some day... in the meantime I will pour over the photos here on your blog :)
    Blessings, Patti

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! I love that your sign says &Fun Junk! Many happy days ahead!

  3. Everything looks wonderful and it will be nice to have your own little shop where others can visit to shop.


  4. Best Wishes, Betty! Everything looks perfect. I know you will be a success!

  5. Oh I'm so happy for you and your shop is filling up so nicely. Love it all and the sign is just perfect!

  6. Congratulations! What a quaint, lovely shop you've created. I wish I was close by to drop in :)

  7. Looks awesome!!!!!! Congratulations on opening a shop~~

  8. Wonderfully! I love seeing people live their dreams!

  9. Betty, that is so great !! You are living your dream !! You will do great !! Bless you !

  10. Congratulations and hopes for great success! It looks wonderful!

  11. It's come a long way and looks so nice and cozy. Hope you have a wonderful turn out for your quiet opening and that it's lots of fun. Here's to dreams that come true!
    Smiles, ~Nan

  12. Oh Betty, I am so excited for you, I wish you all the best and wish I lived close I would definetly be there for your opening... what I can see it looks so fun and prim... Great job.... Keep us posted on how it goes...
    ~Rhonda~ In Ohio

  13. Oh Betty I am so excited for you... I wish I lived closer I would definetly be there for your opening.... keep us posted on how it goes... it looks so prim and fun....
    In Ohio

  14. lots of best wishes dear friend..
    big hugs xxx

  15. Betty, everything looks wonderful! Best wishes for your opening. My prayers go up for your stepdad. Hugs, Lori

  16. It's so charming Betty! and it really reflects you. Best of luck!!!

  17. Congrats and best of luck with your new shop. It's looks lovely.

  18. Good for you.. dreams can come true. I wish you nothing but the best.

  19. SO proud of you my friend ~ you know I've always encouraged you to follow your heart ~ glad to see you're still doing that!
    Wishing you Brightest of Blessings and Super-Success for your little looks wonderful and if I were closer i would surely come play.
    please continue to take pics and share them here for us?
    Blessed be!
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  20. So happy for you!
    Blessings on your business!
    You have so much wonderful creativity to share!

  21. So excited for you! Small isn't necessarily bad. Its cozy and what you can handle right now. I've been in some teeny shops that have a ton of great stuff packed in. Size doesn't matter. :-)

  22. Congratulations Betty! Very exciting to have your own shop, wishing you great success! Loved the pictures!

  23. The shop looks great! Good luck with your opening.

  24. Good luck....success is surely going to follow you!! ~Kriss~

  25. You've worked so hard for this, and all your work is so obvious! Congratulations - and much success.

  26. Wish I lived closer.I would be on the front porch waiting for the doors to open!
    Your teeny little shop looks like a HUGE success in the making.
    Good luck & Enjoy!!

  27. Good luck with your "quiet opening". Wished I lived closer as I would stop by. Much success with your new venture

  28. Best of luck with your new venture! You aren't that far from me and I will definitely make it down there one of these weekends!


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