Friday, November 2, 2012

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends & Happy Friday to ya!  I do hope you are all doing well.  My friends on the East coast... I do pray you are safe!  I am so sorry for your struggles, sufferings, and losses.  My prayers are with you!

Tomorrow is my big 'Quiet' Opening day... from 10am to 4pm.  I'm nervous, worried, excited, and happy.  A whole lot of  mixed emotions!  The 'Quiet' Opening is just a simple thing... I'm just opening the door and greeting anyone who happens to stop by.  The 'Grand' opening will have refreshments and door prizes.  Tomorrow, my sweet SIL, Robin, is going to be with me.  We plan to craft the day away in the studio... and hopefully visit with customers.  *smile*

I only have a few things to finish getting ready... mainly sweeping the floor.  I moved my Boston Ferns into the shop a few weeks back when the temperatures began to drop... and now their leaves are sprinkling on the floor.  

Today is Friday... and I'm happy to share a finish with you.  This is a simple finish using a freebie of mine called ~*Best Friends*~.  It has been made by AnaCristina.  She has been busily stitching away and has many finishes to share on her blog post.  Each one is a treasure!
Very charming, AnaCristina!  Thank you for stitching and sharing!

The update for Early Work Mercantile was yesterday.  You may have noticed I had to put a banner up explaining I was taking a break.  I'm not really 'taking a break'... I'm just very over~extended right now.  Next month, I do have plans to be back on track!  I also have plans to get busy stitching away on the patterns I REALLY WANT TO RELEASE!  Really I do!

Wising you warm smiles...



  1. betty, good luck tomorrow! your shop is adorable, quaint and nice and full of treasures! i know you and robin will have a nice bonding day tomorrow and visiting with lots of friends who stop by! enjoy!!

  2. very sweet finish..
    good luck for tomorrow xxx

  3. Wonderful finish and I hope your opening day is a hit.


  4. Hi Betty I hope that you are having a wonderful
    quiet opening and hanging out with Robin creating!

    Love the little Kitty Pillow to cute!

    Fall Blessings


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