Tuesday, November 6, 2012

~*Shop Opening*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Thank you again for all your encouragement & support on my new venture!  I opened the shop this past Saturday... and it was wonderful!  I didn't expect to be 'busy' with a huge crowd, but I am thrilled that I was able to meet and greet many kind folk!  Thank you to all those who stopped out... and I do hope to see you again.

My sweet SIL, Robin, spent the day with me.  We crafted between customer visits.  My beloved, Tony, picked up a pizza (gluten free!) for lunch.  (We sat around my work table and devoured it when there was a break between customers.)  And... my Mom & StepDad came down (they live an hour away) to see & wish me the best.  It truly was a GREAT day!

 Until I'm able to set my regular hours, I've been popping over & opening up the shop at random.  We live on a busy road, so the sign is very noticeable to passers~by.

Tony snapped a few photos of us while we were all visiting.  I'm not sure what my StepDad was talking about at the time... but he always has a good story to tell.  I am so glad he & my Mom came down for a visit.  He is doing well.  He has quit smoking his pipe (finally!) and is much more energetic.  His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday.  
(my mom June, Robin, and stepdad John)
Spending more time in the studio has given me more time to craft on things.  My supplies have been mostly over there since the inside was re~done a few years back.  Up until the shop opening, I was toting things back and forth from the house to the studio... and wasn't getting much accomplished.  But now... I am!

I started hooking on this yesterday...
 And finished the hooking on it today.  There is another one started too that didn't get photographed today.
 I've also been stitching.  I made a small 'wrap' for this old bottle.  Just a simple 'prim'...
 I also stitched up a few smalls from a Stacy Nash booklet.  The stain is a tad too dark maybe?  Still prim goodies...
I'm enjoying the shop... and enjoying the time spent in my studio.  It is a dream come true!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Congratulations on your opening, all the best of luck ;O)

  2. Congratulation! Oh what fun! Hope that someday I will be able to come shop :) Love your finishes! And don't think your stain is too dark - rather perfectly prim!
    Blessings, Patti

  3. So happy for you Betty!!!! Sounds wonderful!

  4. Love all the new things you are making and so very happy you finally have your own little shop!

    So glad your stepdad is feeling better.

  5. I am happy that your first day was successful and it will be nice that you can open when you want. I love the dark stain on the pillows, nice designs and bowl fillers.


  6. Enjoy your time selling, greeting, creating to your hearts content.....looks like you've got a wonderful family supporting you in your new venture.....

  7. So glad it was a success with the opening.Alot of work but so worth it.Wonderful your family came and supported you as well.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Congrats on opening your shop Betty!!!
    I wish you well.
    Murf :)

  9. Congratulations!!!!!! wish I lived close as well... I would come and shop and love to visit and craft with you, what fun for a girls day...

  10. I'm so happy for you that your dream has finally come true...looks like your off to a great start...like everyone else I sure wish I lived close enough to sit and stitch with you...

  11. Congratulations! So nice that your family was there to support you.Sure wish I were closer.Hugs,Jen

  12. Congratulations. I am so thrilled for you. To have this dream come into reality. May God bless your venture and your dreams.


  13. Life is just plain good sometimes.. and I think you are at that time.

    Congrat's and best wishes going forward with your new endeavour.

  14. I sure wished I lived closer too Betty! It's so good to see you fulfilling your dreams and being able to have a place of your very own! All the best to you in your new venture! Your beautiful handwork will keep them coming back for more and to see what you are creating next!
    Blessings and hugs!!!
    Cathy G

  15. Congrats to you, Betty! Looks to be lots of fun and having your family to help and enjoy with you is a blessing! If I am ever in Kansas..... I'll definitely be knocking on your studio door! :-)

  16. I wish I lived closer too. So happy for you. Have lots of fun creating! ~Nan

  17. Congratualtion to you and your shop! I am sorry that I cannot go and see it because I live all the way in Germany. But I wish you the best luck and outstanding business all the times!

  18. so glad your quiet opening went well and you are enjoying your shop! sounds like you had great chats and great company! also sounds like you are getting alot done! good for you! enjoy you evening! love your hooked mats and bottle wrap, everything!


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