Friday, November 16, 2012

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Friends & Happy Friday to ya!  I do hope your week has been well... and that you have big, happy plans for the weekend to come.

My StepDad is doing well.  He has been moved to a regular room and is getting great medical care.  He has been a bit grumpy, but I'm sure that is to be expected.  The doctors seem pleased with his progress... and I'm sure he will be out before we know it... and telling us his great stories, planning his searches for gold digging, and giving us many more warm smiles.  *smile*


I tried to give blood today.  Friends, this is something I have wanted to do for the longest time... and, sadly, have never done it before.  Today, I finally worked up the courage.  I walked in with my head held high and a smile on my face.  I signed in at the front and was directed to speak with a nurse towards the back.  My questionnaire was filled out & I must have passed the test.  The nurse then said she had to test my red blood cells.  Oops... first attempt said I was anemic.  They tested again on a finger on my other hand.  I just made it!  Good to know!  (I need to eat some steak dinners!) Then, they directed me to a bed and another medical person gave me a heart shaped ball & wrapped a band around my arm.  "Pump three times & hold it", she said.  Uh-oh... they can't locate a good enough vein.  She tried my other arm.  Same thing.  She called someone else over to check... then someone else.  Sadly... I was turned away.  They said my veins weren't good enough... they might collapse.  I was so disappointed.  I apologized for not being able to give any.  However... I did make an appointment for the next blood drive & was told to drink lots of water the several days before.  So... I'll stay strong & go back!


Hey... it is Friday!  That means it is time for ~*Friday Finishes*~.  Let me do that now...

This lovely sampler was worked by Marsha ... t's one of my freebie designs.  She stitched her maiden name and had it beautifully framed.  Oh... it is just so very lovely!  You can grab the freebie pattern by clicking the link on the sidebar.  *smile*
 Next, a darling little needlepoint sheep made by Jennifer of Brush Creek Creations... from my pattern ~*Symple ~ Herb filled sheep ornie*~... available from your local needlework shop, from me via email... or in my Etsy shoppe.  Jennifer does lovely work... and has her finished wares offered on Early Work Mercantile.
My warm thanks to both ladies for stitching and sharing!  I do love to see & share finishes!   *smile*


One more thing before I sign off on this post.  Becky from Patchwork Posse has my freebie doodle posted for the Wool Challenge.  It is very simple... but makes a cute lil' rug.  Pop on over to get your copy!  And remember... I love to see & share finishes!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I have that problem, thin veins, low iron and with lyme, I don't think anyone wants my blood, lol. Wonderful finishes.


  2. Thanks for the shout out Betty! You are so sweet! Love all your designs and finished creations. Glad to hear your StepDad is feeling better. Take care, Jen

  3. I really like your designs! It is also nice to hear your step dad is doing well, this is a nice early Christmas Gift to your family!

  4. You are much braver than me! I have been severely anemic at times and been told that my veins "roll", so I haven't been brave enough to try to give blood so I admire your courage! ~Roberta

  5. Don't feel bad about trying your best at giving blood. Last time I tried I passed out and scared the whole Red Cross team. They asked me not to come back. Sadly I used to be a regular contributor.

    I love that little sampler. Good work Marsha!


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