Monday, November 26, 2012

~*Holiday Cheer Time*~

Hello Dear Friends... and Happy Belated Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours!  I do hope you had a blessed holiday with loved ones... that you filled your bellies and your hearts.  We did!  *smile*

Now we all know that Christmas is quickly approaching... and things will get busier and busier from here on out!  Did you go Black Friday or Super Saturday shopping?  I tried the whole Black Friday thing a few years ago... and vowed to never do it again!  I'm not much for hanging out in crowds.  When they are grumpy and frantic... I hate it even more.  It scares me!  I wanted to visit some shops on Saturday... but I was busy in my own and didn't make it out.  I do plan to stop by a few of my favs this week though... for sure!

We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday.  My Sweet StepDad is out of the hospital and home.  He was released on Wednesday.  He and my Mom are very happy to be home.  It seems much easier to rest and relax while home instead of at the hospital..  He is feeling well and enjoying some walks around the neighborhood.  I was very worried about him navigating the stairs and steep driveway, but he is doing really good.  He is still sore, but it is calming.  He hasn't had much of an appetite yet, but that will gradually come back to him.  He is eating some... more and  more each day.  The doctor is very happy with the surgery results.  We are all thankful for his healthy recovery!  Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers on his behalf.  *smile*

We enjoyed Thanksgiving at my in~laws Thursday.  I was so craving turkey... and I think 50% of my plate was filled with it  *smile*  My Sweet SIL, Robin, even made a gluten~free pumpkin dump cake... that I gladly devoured!  YUM!

Tony enjoyed the warmer days and began the lighting decorations outside.  I try to get involved and help him... but this is really is 'thing' and he doesn't want my input.  He does a wonderful job!  This year, he did more decorating on the 'little house'... my studio/shop house.  Actually, so far he has only decorated it ~ hopefully he will be putting lights on our house today.  He put lights around the store sign...
 and used old-fashioned fat, multi~colored lights all around the house too..
 He has added candle lights in the windows too... but that was after the picture was taken.  It is very charming... and very much a Gingerbread~looking house!

We picked up one of these vintage Santas at an auction... and the other at a garage sale.  They are faded and worn... but fun!

 I know I haven't posted a blog update in over a week.  I've been meaning to.  Those of you that like Primitivebettys on Facebook know what I've been doing.  Here are some sneak peeks for new pattern releases that will be out VERY SOON!  Well, actually... two of the three will be.  One of them I need to re~do...

 ... this one is too 'lost' on the fabric.  I love the gingham, but my thread choices didn't show as they should.  I'm going to re~stitch it...
 Also... this coming Saturday is the update for Early Work Mercantile.  I'm working up a few small items to offer...

 I have a few hooked pieces started too.  Lots to keep me busy.  The shop will be open most afternoons this week... and my fingers will be stitching and hooking!

On another note... I found this on Facebook... and thought it was important to share...
Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Hi Betty,
    That is wonderful to hear your Step Dad is doing so well! What a lot to be thank-ful for this Holiday Season!
    It sounds like your little shop is keeping you busy too!
    Tell Tony those old fashioned lights are the best decorations! Reminds me so much of when we were kids.... those big fat red, green and blue bulbs!
    " the good ol' days" tee hee!
    Keep stitching and creating..... I'm with the Grinch!!
    Cathy G

  2. I'm with the Grinch too!...people are crazy!..have a great day!..decorations are looking wonderful and glad your family has been blessed and that your Step Dad is better..blessings

  3. hello dear,decorations are looking so pretty..
    have a lovely week..
    hugs x

  4. I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family.
    I need to try some cross stitches and see if I can do better, now that I have glasses.


  5. Could I get the dump cake recipe from you. I have a friend who would enjoy this.

    M :)

  6. Goodness you have been busy and so has Tony! Glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your step-dad is doing so well. It will take some time but he will be going strong before you know it!
    Sure wish I could run up there for a day and see your little shop!


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