Wednesday, November 14, 2012

~*Mid~Week Update*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I do hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

My StepDad's surgery went very well yesterday.  I want to thank you all again for the thoughts and prayers.  The surgery lasted about 5 hours.  When we visited with the doctor afterward, he seemed very calm and happy with the outcome.  While he was working on the aneurysm, he noticed a few other things that needed attention... and fixed John up in those spots too.  My Sister laughed and commented that the repairs were like "tuning up a car".  John will be able to go for many more miles now!  He is healing in ICU and expected to be in the hospital for about 10 days.  He can't eat for 4-5 days... so I imagine he will be very uncomfortable for awhile.  We are all very thankful... and we are praying that he continues to heal well... and quickly.  *smile*

I wasn't on the computer much yesterday... and didn't see this until just this morning... but Becky of Patchwork Posse posted the interview of me... little, ol' me... and I'm blushing!  Sometimes I really just... well... talk too much!  ha ha ha  Thank you, Becky, for posting up & sharing about me.  :-)

She will be posting my doodle for the snowman rug on Friday with a quick tid bit on how to hook him up.  I'm worried that I didn't give enough rug hooking instructions for beginning hookers... but I am usually available to answer questions.  Hopefully, if someone needs more information they will contact me... or another rug hooker.  You know, one thing I have learned is that rug hookers (and most crafters really!) are always excited and happy to share the knowledge that they have.  I just love that, don't you?!

I'm off to work on the booth this morning... and then will be home in the shop this afternoon.  

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Morning Betty...So good to hear that your step dads tune up as you put it went well and he's healing nicely!

    I too love how all of us crafters love sharing our creative knowledge with each other. Makes for so many new creations!

    Have a Happy Day!

  2. Betty,
    I'm so happy to hear the news of your stepdad's surgery. I'll be praying for a good healing process for him with no complications. Hugs, Lori

  3. So very glad your stepdad's surgery was able to fix him up. Praying he will have a speedy recovery and will be home soon. Have a great day today and we will be thinking of you and your sweet family.

  4. I am so happy to hear the news of your stepdad's surgery. I'll be praying for a good health..
    Big hugs cucki xxx

  5. Good news about your step dad Betty...praying every day will be better than the last...hugs

  6. So glad to hear your stepdad's surgery went well. Will keep him and your family in my prayers for a fast recovery. Hope to get up there to see your shop soon. Enjoy the rest of your week...blessings


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