Monday, November 12, 2012

~*Wool Challenge Update*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I hope you have celebrated the holiday weekend with loving family and friends.  We enjoyed some quiet days at home this weekend... visited the parade on Saturday... I crafted in the shop & meet some wonderful gals who came to visit... and today Tony & I had lunch together at our favorite burger joint.  

We love Freddy's and had a chance to meet Freddy himself today.  He is a WWII Veteran... we enjoyed hearing his stories from those days... and, as always, enjoyed our burgers.  We were even treated to free custard's for dessert today!  (My husband, Tony, is an Army Veteran.)  Freddy is a very kind, personable man... and greets everyone with a hug.  He is such a sweetheart!

 Trinity always salutes the military in the parade.
 Everyone and their dog celebrates here!

Tomorrow is my stepDad's surgery.  He and my Mom are taking care of blood work orders today... and visiting with my stepSister, Laurie.  He also had to get a tooth pulled early this morning.  Yes, I about freaked when my Mom told me about that... but then she said it wasn't anything really because the tooth was about to fall out on its own.  Good grief!  I'm thinking he is already going through enough... right?  Well, I'll be headed to Topeka after I drop Trinity off at school in the morning... so I can be with my family in the waiting room... visiting, praying, and cheering him to good health again.  Thank you again for continued prayers for him.  We really appreciate it.

I wanted to give you a quick reminder about the Wool Challenge that Patchwork Posse is hosting.  It is off to a great start... with interviews, tips, instructions, and patterns already.  This morning, I filled out my interview questions.  I sent them to Becky along with the doodle pattern for the snowman rug above... she said she will work on writing up my challenge info and have it up by Friday.  I'm worried I wrote her too much of a life story... but I do have a passion for crafting... and sometimes you just can't shut me up when I'm on a craft~talk~role!

Well... on that note... I have some needlepunching to get back to.  Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Continued prayers for your step Dad... he's been through so much! Happy Veteran's day to Tony! And, of course, I love that snowman! :-)

  2. Please make sure your step-dad's surgeon knows he had that tooth pulled. Might make no difference at all, but may also be considered a surgical site or open wound. In any event, the surgeon needs to know before proceeding tomorrow. I hope all goes smoothly and easily. ... jan

  3. Prayers for your step-dad Betty. Gosh he's been through so much. I know he'll be fine!


  4. sounds like a wonderful weekend and a great veterns day celebration! enjoy your weekend!

  5. Betty, you, your family and your step-dad will be in my prayers. Have a safe trip to Topeka tomorrow.

  6. I can't wait to see your interview and the snowman is a great piece to get others started in hooking.


  7. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.Hugs,Jen

  8. Praying all goes well today during the surgery and for a complete recovery...hugs and prayers


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