Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello Dear Friends!  Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of hooking with a group in Council Grove, Kansas.  Several years ago, when I was first learning how to hook (Do I really know 'how'?), I had heard there was a group there... but I didn't know who, where, or when they met.  Well, to my delight, I met one of the gals when she visited my shop a month or so ago.  She was so sweet to call me & give me an invite to the group!  

Thank you, Barbara!

This group meets once a month.  We met at the Historical Society in Council Grove yesterday, but they normally have a larger group... and meet at someone's home.  Many of the hookers were away on vacations... but four of us met, hooked, and chatted the afternoon away yesterday.  I had met Barbara at my shop... but also there were Georgia and Linda.  The ladies were very friendly, kind, and personable.  I look forward to meeting with them again next month.

They are planning on attending the Lenexa hook-in next week too... so I will get to see them all again then. *smile*

Ya know... I did have my camera with me, but forgot about it until I was on the drive home.  What is wrong with me?  I'm loosing my mind!

Barbara was working on a sweet rug that looked like an old 'Main Street'.  I just love old, downtown Main Streets!  This one had an antique shop in the design.  Very cool!  Georgia was whipping the edges on a sweet Easter Bunny rug.  It was very bright & cheery!  Linda was hooking on a Judy Cripps Christmas stocking.  It had an awesome reindeer in the center of it.  

I didn't get my supplies gathered to take until late Monday night.  I couldn't decide what to take... then I realized I had this tulip rug started from many YEARS ago... one that I had lost the desire to hook on.  Well, I took it and finished most of the hooking during the afternoon.  I hooked on it a little more this morning... and steamed it.  The photograph is not the best... I'll get a better one after it is completely finished.  Now... to get those edges bound and call it DONE!

Today I have many things left to work on... painting, hooking, punching, stitching.  I'll be in the shop soon.... and keeping my hands busy.

Have a blessed day!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Sounds like a fun time.Love the tulip rug,the colors are so pretty together.Hugs,Jen

  2. Dear Betty, I was just thinking about you the other day. I am the lady you bought the loom from. Have you woven any more rugs? I hope things are going well with that. I have decided to sell my other loom, warping mill and spare warping board as I am so involved with machine embroidery and rug hooking. :) Your rug is so cute. Happy Hooking.

  3. How nice you found a group to hook with - can't wait to see pictures from Lenexa - there are always really good rugs on display there - and lots of generous bloggers share them with the rest of us!

  4. It's beautiful Betty! Don't you just love getting projects finished from years ago?!?!


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