Monday, February 11, 2013

~*Overly Inspired!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Yes... to some of you that have followed my blog for awhile I'm sounding like a broken record!  I'm just sure of that!  I have so many (too many?) ideas, inspirations, want-to-dos, and list of things-to-do... and so on and so forth.  Where do I begin?  Where does it end?  Does it even ever end?  Oh my...

Well, I have explained it to my husband, and I have named OUR problem (Oh YES!  He and I are an awful lot alike in this aspect of never ending stuff.  We may have different mediums or focus of things to do... but we are the very same.  We have so much going on!  All the time!  And never seem to really finish anything.)  I told him we are "OVERLY INSPIRED!"  Sound goodI know it sounds like I'm complaining.  Really though I'm not.  I would be complaining if I were bored to tears.  Right?  Boredom wouldn't be good.  Too inspired is!

Well... we won't run out of things to keep us busy for a long time.  Now if we can only figure out how to get some things DONE!

I know I haven't shared a blog post for a long time... too long again.  So... here is some mumbo jumbo of 'stuff' I currently have going on...

Our darling, little Lucy is taking a lot of our time.  We are working hard on potty training.  She seems to be trying... but still hides little 'cigars' in spots she thinks we won't notice.  gggrrrr

We do love her!  And our kitty babies... and big, brown pup, Brownie, are begining to love her too.
Do you know how hard it is to take a good picture of an active, 12 week (give or take) puppy?

 Finally... I was able to get one not-so-blurry...
 Recently, ny sweet Momma gave me a PILE of wool.  She found all of this at a garage sale.  Oh YAH!  How great is that?  I've been doing some hooking.  It seems now I need to be also doing some dying.  Yards and yards!
 This piece isn't wool.  It is printed cotton.  Tony and I were out & about today just spending some time together.  We ran across a small fabric shop in an OLD, small downtown hardware store.  This store was so full of stuff!  The stuff must have been collecting in this mom & pop shop for at least 50 years!  We didn't have a lot of time to spend digging around... but I did pick up this sweet piece of fabric.  I couldn't resist!
 Last week, I finished this piece.  It is a small drawer... maybe for a dresser topper.  I mixed up some chalk paint of my own concoction to paint it... then hooked up this little rug to put on top.  The rug was inspired by one my dear friend, Ginger, recently made.  (Speaking of Ginger... she is one great gal who can really get things done!  She is one of the busiest, friendliest, most lovable gals I know!)
 I lined the drawer with vintage print fabric.  It is lightly padded too.

 Lucy went in the shop with me today to take some pictures.  I tried again to get a good one of her... but she had something stuck to the tip of her wet nose!

Check out her ears!  What a HOOT, huh?
I cleaned her nose off and tried again...but then we got blurry again...
Another current project...
I painted the school desk and a partial chair (since I had enough milk paint to do both)... 

These pieces aren't finished yet.  They still need to be waxed... but they are close.  I'm thinking of painting a word or words on the partial chair.  Primitive?  Junk?  This is my seat?  Any ideas?  Share them with me... please.  *smile*
 I'll post a finished picture of both soon.

And more hooking!  I hooked up the bunny Saturday afternoon while I was in the shop.  The flower rug was drawn up and started.  It may change before it is finished.  I'm going to Council Grove tomorrow afternoon to hook with a group of ladies there.  This will be my first time with the bunch.  I'm excited and looking forward to meeting them and spending the afternoon.  I'll take the camera so I can share with you.
Oh... and I know many of my East coast friends are beneath a huge blanket of snow right now.  I pray you and your families are warm and safe.  In our backyard though...
Surprise Lilies are popping!

I'm not 100% happy about this.  Yes, I love Spring.  But I do also love Winter... and would love a good snowfall!  Plus... we terribly need the moisture.  We are still suffering from a severe drought here in the Midwest.

Thanks for letting me share my mix of mumbo jumbo.  Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Miss Betty....It's friends like you that make life so sweet! Love all your finishes and you are truly an inspiration to so many :)
    Lucy is the cutest lil' pup and I'm sure she will learn her lessons soon.
    Have fun hooking with your new friends and I can hardly wait to see you and Robin again next weekend!

  2. Oh my your Lucy is adorable. I have a backless chair and desk just like these and no idea what to do with them. Fabulous fabric find.

  3. That's a whole lotta stuff going on Miss Betty! Lucy is so dang cute! Those blurry pics have me crackin' up as I can feel the energy from her through the internet! :-) So many projects you are working on and they all look fabulous! Over inspired is so much more fun than bored to tears.... Enjoy!

  4. Oh my goodness you have been a busy little crafter! All this eye candy is too much for my wee little brain this early in the morning. I'm going back to look again!
    Such a cute pup! You are so funny..."cigars".
    Probably not so funny when you discover one of his treasures though. :o|

  5. Overly inspired is the perfect definition!! I think I am definitely "overly inspired". All your finishes are awesome especially the little drawer table. Think I would do several words on the chair like primitive,collector,inspired,blessings,etc. Whatever you do will be great. Love your Lucy pics too! Hope to see you next weekend


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