Sunday, February 24, 2013

~*Rock Creek Hook-In Lenexa 2013*~

Hello Dear Friends!  The hook~in was wonderful... and always a treat!  This year the crowd seemed smaller and a few vendors canceled... we had a big snow on Thursday (and are planning for another tomorrow).  We did have a great time... and came home with a few bags of yummy wools (along with a few other purchases ~ but it was mostly wool!).  My sweet SIL, Robin, drove.  We missed seeing our dear Oklahoma friends who normally attend... but understood they had to cancel because of the weather.  We enjoyed catching up with our Topeka hooker friends... and were delighted to meet a few other from around Kansas and Missouri. 

I took pictures as promised... but they aren't fine, photographer quality.  They are still great eye~candy!  I truly enjoy seeing the differences in hooking styles and talents... from beginners to advanced.  

CLICK HERE to see an album of the rugs from the hook~in.  (I tried and tried to make them into a slide show, but was unsuccessful.)

Here are just a few from the album...


Today has been a day of catch~up.  We enjoyed a YUMMY supper tonight... Macaroni Sausage Bake.  I found the recipe from Sweet Tea and Cornbread's blog.  Of course, I had to modify it slightly to make it Gluten Free... but it is SOOOOOO YUMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!  You should try it!

Lots of things are planned for this week... I'll keep you posted with my progress often (if all goes as planned).  

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. So sad we did not get to come to Lenexa. Maybe next year the weather will cooperate. The pictures of the rugs are great. Thank you for sharing with us. Stay warm and enjoy your week...

  2. So sad we had to miss Lenexa and our Kansas friends. Sounds like you and Robin had a great time. Thank you for the picture show of the rugs. I enjoyed seeing them. Lots of different styles and subject matter. Stay warm and enjoy your week...Blessings

  3. Oh so many beautiful rugs....and all so different! Must have been a very fun time. Thanks for showing us the rugs.


  4. There are some really amazing and creative rugs at the show, glad you had a good time.


  5. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Lenexa.
    Sounds like you had fun.

    M :)

  6. Oh how I missed you gals this weekend and the hook~in. My driving skills in snow just aren't there so best that we didn't even try. Glad you and Robin had a safe trip and found goodies to bring home. Thanks for sharing the wonderful rugs!

  7. Oh no! So sorry you missed out on a visit with Ginger and Patijane! You gals always have such fun together! That Sausage and Cheese bake sounds yummy... sure wish I had some for lunch today! lol! Thanks for sharing rug pics! I have plenty of mis match woolly noodles to make a rug similar to that star rug... :-)

  8. These rugs are amazing. How wonderful to be around such talented people. Thank you for the recipe link, it looks like a keeper.


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