Friday, February 22, 2013

~*Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I do hope you are doing well.  We have had snow.  Lots of snow!  It is pretty and comes with its own troubles... but we truly need the moisture.  I'm not sure if this is enough to bring us out of the drought conditions that we have been in, but it will surely help.

Yesterday ~ the snow began to fall... and it was a 'snow day' from school...
 Today ~ the snow has stopped... but it was another 'snow day' from school...
We have shoveled the driveway (well, my husband did that), thrown snowballs, and took a few dives down the hills with the big inner-tube.

I've been crafting, but not fast enough.  The works in progress can't be shown yet because they are for gifts.

Tomorrow ~ is the big hook-in in Lenexa.  Of course, I have waited until today to get my things together to take along.  I cut a piece of linen, grabbed some yummy wools from my stash... and bagged up my hook, scissors, and cutter.  What should I make with 'em?  I'm thinking a primitive, olde black cat!
Oh, my camera is packed too... and my dollars for shopping.  My next post... will be all about Lenexa!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Oh my! I'm afraid this old body wouldn't fare too well after a trip on that inner-tube.
    Yummy wools indeed!
    Have a blast!

  2. I hope you get lots of photos at the hook in and have a wonderful time.


  3. Pretty snow pics!Have a great time at the hook in and I can't wait for the pics.Hugs,Jen

  4. Oh how I wish we had snow! I would love to get snowed in as long as we have power and food! lol Stay warm and safe.

  5. Can't wait to see the pictures from Lenexa - it's always a feast for the eyes - even if from a distance though the computer screen! LOL


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