Thursday, March 7, 2013

~*Easily Side~Tracked*~

 Yes!  Lucy and I both are so easily side~tracked!


Hello Dear Friends!  Maybe side~tracked isn't a bad thing.  This time it has proven to be a positive for me.  Let me explain...

You see, it all began on Pinterest.  (Oh, I'm sure you can easily relate to that statement!)

Do you remember the recipe for the Miracle Lotion that I posted a few years back?  Well, it has been pinned and repinned numerous times.  It is great stuff!  However, my hands have still been dry, cracked, and bleeding... probably because I don't use the lotion enough... and probably because I do NOT drink enough water.  Well... while browsing Pinterest... I found the recipe (several actually!) for homemade body scrub.  I thought I would give one of the recipes a try... and then I thought about several gifts I would like to give... and then I thought they could be sold in our booth or in my shop.

I have made 2 batches so far.  The first was THIS ONE with honey.  I LOVE it!  Today, I wanted to make more... but was out of honey.  So I tried THIS ONE.

Would you like to make some of your own?  The recipe I used today didn't have measurements ~ so I made my own measurements.  Here is what I did...

~*Vanilla Sugar Scrub*~

 You will need...

1 cup white sugar
1 cup lightly packed brown sugar
1 cup Olive oil
1 TB Vanilla Extract

And some nice jars.  I picked up a box of 12, 4 oz. jelly jars...

(This recipe will yield 6~4 oz. jars.)
 Begin by mixing your sugars together well...

 Then add your oil and vanilla... mix well...
 I used a large ice cream scoop to fill my jars... this kept it clean.  One heaping scoop per jar filled 6 jars.  Don't over fill... you don't want the oil to seep out the seal of the lid.
 My jars are all ready for some ribbon decoration & pretty labels... (hopefully I can get to that yet today)
 This is not a 'true' before picture.  I have been using the scrub for about 3 days now.  My hands are still dry & cracked... but not as bad.  Not by a long shot!
 Here is how my hand looks immediately after using the scrub...
(I didn't want to show you my heels... but this stuff is great for feet too!)

And, as if there are not enough projects on my TO DO list... I measured the warp for another woven, rag rug the other night. Can you see Lucy? She is never too far away from me...
Wishing you warm smiles... and smooth hands/feet...



  1. oh that Lucy is a cutie patootie! What a bundle of energy! The scrub looks so soothing... There really is a lot of good stuff on Pinterest!

  2. aww lucy is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.
    that scrub is really looking so nice..
    biog hugs x

  3. i think I should try the scrub. I really want to see you use the loom. Lucky you!

  4. I love the vanilla scrubs, neat idea to make your own.


  5. Hello to sweet Lucy. Thanks for this info. I've always used Kerasol on my heels and Miracle Hand Repair daily is the best thing I've ever used for my velcro mitts. But I'll try this all over my alligator legs!

  6. I tried a recipe similar to this that used vanilla extract. When I opened the jar afterwards, it smelled so much like alcohol that there was no way I was going to gift it to someone. Did I miss the mark on something or has anyone else experienced this too?

  7. I've been using this on my legs the last week or so, and the difference is easily noticeable. My legs feel softer and I can see my dead skin slowly peeling away. Usually I'd use lotion, or any type of moisturizer and my legs would be cracked and dry at least an hour later. But I use this in the shower, and then apply my lotion afterwards (after ive already vigorously worked the olive oil into my skin) and my skin doesn't dry out until way later. I then just apply some coconut oil that keeps my legs hydrated. In no time I should be able to wear shorts again without looking like I walked through volcanic Ash.


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