Wednesday, March 13, 2013

~*Council Grove Hooking*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Yesterday I had the pleasure of hooking with some wonderful girls in Council Grove, Kansas.  It was a delight!

These girls have been meeting together for many years, and I am thrilled that they have invited me to hook with them each month.  They are a bunch of sweet, beautiful, intelligent, and extremely friendly ladies!  (I honestly can't say enough good things about them!)  They meet on the 2nd Tuesday... usually at Melanie's home.  (Who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time yesterday.)  Last month I did hook with a few members of this group, but several were away on vacation.  Melanie was one of them... she was off skiing.  So we met a the historical society in Council Grove that time instead.

This month there were 6 of us hooking.  Melanie was the host (and always is when she is home)... and boy what a host she was!

 This is the view from the room we hooked in...
 In fact, EVERY room in her home has a fabulous view of the lake!  Melanie lives in a cabin on the Council Grove city lake.  It is such a wonderful, homey place!

She severs the group lunch each month for the meeting.  And she goes all out!  Look at this delightful table setting!  Flowers, china, and cloth napkins!!!
 The lunch she cooked up was so awesomely YUMMY too!  It was a chicken lasagna, with fresh salad, string beans, homemade bread and sponge cake with black cherries.  Well, I wasn't able to eat it all because of my gluten-free diet... but what I could eat was outstanding!  I didn't want to tell her I had a strict diet, because I was a first time guest in her home... but the other women remembered we had talked about it last month.  Melanie said next time she would do a GF meal and insured it was not a big deal... she said she is happy to do it.  I'm tickled that she would be so considerate... and am so appreciative.  Thank you, Melanie!

Would you like to see some beautiful rugs?  Of course you would!

These first few are Melanie's...
 a close-up of her butterfly...
 Melanie loves birds... and has a very nice collection of them... along with some fallen, real nests.  Her home is very tastefully decorated and her collections are amazing.  I'll try to get more pictures of her bird collection on my next visit.  This rug she plans to make into a pillow...
 Minnie is a new hooker.  She is a quilter... who Melanie recently introduced to hooking.  She seems to be hooked...
 Barbara is hooking along at her Main Street rug.  Isn't it the sweetest?
 Georgia is filling in the details on this darling Judy Cripps pattern.  I LOVE the blue Hollyhock in it!
 And a close up of her birdie is cute too...
 Cheryl wasn't hooking yesterday.  She was busy cutting wools for another rug.  She did bring along a few of her projects to share though...
 This poinsettia piece is so detailed!
 And my own rugs for the day... well, they were just something quick I threw together the night before.  These will be two simple little mats that I plan to offer for sale in our booth...
 Speaking of our booth... I'm not sure if I shared the news with you yet.  We are taking our booth in Ellie Lou's down... and moving to Reruns Consignments and Mall in Council Grove!  This change will take place April 1st.  I'm so SUPER excited about this change!  My sweet SIL & BIL... Robin & Jimmy... and I are doing this together.  We have rented a spot that is much larger than our current booth.  We plan to  have re~purposed furniture, our 'antiquey' junk, and our handmades.

And because April 1st is fast approaching... I have set up a make~do work spot in my basement.  These are two projects that I hope to have finished this week... because I have a storage room full of pieces needing beautified!
I'll share the finished pieces with you when done.

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. What a wonderful place to hook with friends and beautiful rugs being made.


  2. Hooray for you having a hooking group so close by. Wonderful rugs :) Guess the girls and I will just have to take a road trip again before the heat of summer and come check out your new space at Council Grove!

  3. Isn't it fun to have a group of ladies close by to hook with? So glad you are getting to do that!! Such beautiful rugs too! Thanks for sharing them with us. I'm with Ginger...road trip soon...yay!!!


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