Friday, March 15, 2013

~*Friday Finishes*~... and progress

Hello Dear Friends!  Here is a super, sweet finish to share with you...

Ana Cristina made this one using some bits n' pieces from my ~*Spring Freebie*~... and it is darling!  The little bunny button really adds to the sweetness!

Thank you, Ana Cristina, for stitching & sharing!  Keep up the great stitches!


I've been keeping busy.  The progress on my next Prim Sister's project is still in the works.  Sadly, I haven't gotten any other pattern progress done.  It seems I continue to burn the candle at both ends... and on the sides too!

On April 1st our new booth at ReRun's Consignment and Mall opens!  My SIL, Robin, and I are joining forces to fill up a 10 by 10 spot.  Of course, we have our Misters working on furniture pieces to help us out... they are so charming & helpful!

Today the temperature was in the mid 80s and SUNNY!  It was the perfect day to get outside to work on my collection of furniture.

I've been making my own CHALK PAINT!  I use 2 parts latex paint to 1 part Corn Starch.  It is cool stuff & gives a great finish!

These are not 'the best' pictures.  I don't have a spot in the house, shop/studio, or anywhere here big enough to get a nice background.  Hopefully you can see the goodness of these pieces...

A coffee table that was probably new in 1985... all re~done & purdy...
 It has this rosette design on both sides...
This paint was in the group of left~over paints recently given to me by my Momma.  It is called 'Watery Meadow'... can you see the texture achieved from the chalk paint finish?  I gave the table a coat of very light yellow as a base with the blue over top...
 I'm thinking this wash basin is an old 'Home Interiors' piece.  I plan to find some candles & a couple towels to finish if off... but LOVE LOVE LOVE the use of an old enamel pan for the bowl!  Don't you?
 This mirror isn't finished yet.  I still need to wax & distress it.  I was CRAVING a crackle finish on something.  So... I tracked down some Hide Glue... and filled my desire...
 I love the big OL' cracks the glue technique gets...
 This ol' chair was already painted  a mellow yellow... but oh~so~chippy!  I simply took a wire brush to knock off all the loose paint... and slapped on some Polyurethane.   I'm going to weave a fabric seat for it with some blue homespun fabric... (still on the agenda for this evening!)
 This LOVELY dresser was a recent auction win.  It looked like this when I won it & brought it home!  It is already the sweet, mellow~yellow!  The finish isn't a chalk paint finish... but it is sweet enough!  I've washed it off & have fresh kitty liter in the drawers to pull the musty smell out.  I researched how to make my own scented drawer liner... and plan to get that done this weekend.  I was lucky enough to buy a roll of unused wallpaper at the Goodwill store yesterday to do it.  Oh... and in the garage our two BIGGEST kitties keep me company... Tommy is the yellow one... and O.C.  (Oreo Cookie) the other...
 Check out the detail at the top of the mirror...
 These ice~cream chairs were another recent auction win.  My Mister will be doing a little welding repair on them this weekend.  (one has loose slats on the back).  Other than that... I'm leaving them as they are... rusty & yummy!
 Can you see the holes in the seat?  Too Cool!!!
Wishing you all warm smiles... and a fun weekend ahead!  Happy St. Patty's Day!



  1. she did a great job! just beautiful.
    love the furniture you have been re-doing!

  2. Every piece that you have or are working on... are fantastic! They should be really good sellers. How can you not take them in your house? That was my trouble when I was dealing in antiques. I wanted all the really old pieces!!!!!

  3. Beautiful re dos! I love fixing up old furniture myself, but admire people like yourself with such great imaginations.

    Question! The chalk paint you made. If I'm understanding this correctly.....I would take 4 cups of paint and just put in two cups of regular corn starch like I use for cooking? Mix it in real well and paint?
    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  4. Wonderful pieces of furniture; I love love cracked white painted furniture. Good going.


  5. Hi Bettygirl!!! oh my stars I wish I was closer to Kansas! all of your upcycled furniture is wonderful! ~ the coffee table is a beautiful color...the washstand & enamel bowl are PERFECT for my farmhouse bath! and the crackled effect on your mirror is so awesome...but, that yellow chair has me hoping you'll post pics of your finished woven seat....pleaseplease??
    I love what you're doing ~ keep at it & wishing you every happiness and success in your new booth!
    Blessed be ~

  6. You do such a wonderful job on repurposing old pieces, love seeing beautiful old things come to life again.


  7. I have a big fluffy orange cat, not a tabby like your Tommy but just solid
    orange. His name is also O.C. (Orange Cat).

  8. Love all your finds and refurbs on them! The wash basin and mirror are really catching my eye... as well as the dresser! I did not know about the kitty litter to get the musties out... thanks! Cute finish of your freebie too! Easter is only two weeks away!

  9. Such great finds and lots of wonderful finishes. You and Robin have been busy :)

  10. Me encantan las antiguedades y el reciclaje, te paso mi blog por si te quieres pasar.

    se llama hilo,aguja y otras cosas.

    Besos desde Melilla (España).

  11. What a wonderful Friday finish. Sew cute! Love the green on your chalk paint table. Hope you do good at the mall. Janice


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