Monday, March 18, 2013

~*Spring Break Has Begun!*~

 Hello Dear Friends!  Happy Spring!  Well... maybe it isn't here just yet, but it is here this week! 

 Another Pinterest inspiration... via a board from my Momma's pins!  She made one for her front door... and I knew I needed to make one too!  Hers is the one on the top... the much prettier one!  Mine is the simple one on the bottom.  


My husband has a new toy!  A 'new-to-him toy!  He is now the owner of a 1979 RM125... and he is smiling like a kid!  He is so happy!  He use to own and race one of these many, many years ago.  He is now talking about racing again.  Oh NO!
 He & Trinity were having fun in the yard today...
 Trinity is getting too big for his small PW50, but does love to ride it!
 He had his very first lesson today on the KX80... a much bigger bike with way more power.  Oh NO!!!
 It is a good thing we live in the country... and have a 'country yard'!  They were marking it pretty good!
 While on the road trip to find my husband's new bike... we stopped by a few shops.  I was happy to bring home a few little trinkets for re~do...
 The two white shoes are china... the dark one is a lone, antique baby shoe.  I plan to 'pinkeep' them all!  The wood box has a large, unusual handle on it.  I'm debating whether or not to chalk paint it.  I'm going to line the inside with padded fabric.


Speaking of Chalk Paint... I was asked about my mix.  It is so simple!  Use 2 parts latex paint (any - flat, semi-gloss, egg shell will work) to 1 part regular Corn Starch (yup, just like you have in the kitchen).  Mix it well.  If needed, or desired... add a little water to thin it, but is isn't necessary.


Here is the finish of my old, chippy chair from my previous post...
 I took a wire brush to it to remove the loose paint.  Then it was coated with clear polyurethane.  Once dry, I wove the seat...
 The fabric is a good quality, homespun.  I ripped strips about 2" wide.  The vertical strips were put on first... and tied with simple knots to the underside.  Then I wove in the horizontal strips and tied them to the underside.  The tails were trimmed and tucked in.  This seat obviously wouldn't be used for a dining room - heavy use chair... but it can safely be used to sit in.  It is a strong seat!  And way~cool~cute~primitive too!

 For an added extra... I tied a couple of bows to the back...
Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Love the door decor! I want to try and make me one sometime!

  2. I just love the flowers on the door what a cute idea! They both look just wonderful.
    The guys look like they are having quite a lot of fun. Sometimes I miss having a motorcycle :)
    Love your latest re-do's so glad I got your red chair when we were there!

  3. Hello :) This reminds me of my days on the farm dirt bike riding in the plowed fields and crashing... lol. I love what you did with the old chair and the color of the fabric is great.

  4. Betty, You and your Mom are very talented. The umbrella door arrangements are so clever and pretty!!! I, also, love your chair that you did over. Very nice. Hope your boys have tons of fun with the new motor bike. I know.... we had to have those things around here when our son was young and growing up.

    Thanks for sharing your projects. I love them.


  5. Awesome umbrella wreaths! Love the little shoes and the box. The chair is really sweet - I thought the seat was painted rataan, at first. Bet your hubby is having a blast on the bike.

  6. The umbrellas are fantastic! It's too windy here for me to display one, it'd take flight and put someone eye out unless hubs installed a storm door??? Hmmm, just thought of another project for him! Your son is pretty big on his bike and looks like my 12 year old on her mini moped. The shoes will make cute pin keeps, love the lone baby one!


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