Wednesday, April 10, 2013

~* What's Up *~

Hello Dear Friends!  I thought I would share a little of ~*What's Up*~... around here...

Rain! Rain!  Glorious RAIN!!!!

Look at those lovely puddles...
 We have really needed the rain.  The drought has dried up our well... and hopefully it is now filling back up!

Last weekend, I attended a local estate auction.  I found several goodies.  Some were good as they were... and some have been re~done... or are waiting to be re~done.  

I stopped by our booth in Council Grove at ReRun Consignments & Mall yesterday to add some new items... and ended up re~arranging it all...  a fresh new look!

 This vintage clothes hanger was one of my auction wins...
 I bought an old and VERY BEAT UP cabinet... so I could SAVE the doors.  This is one of the doors!  I painted it with my homemade red, chalk paint.  Then I added chalkboard paint to the middle.  And my FAVORITE THING ABOUT THIS PIECE... THE HANDLE!!  It is from an antique printer's tray (also won at the auction).  The tray was not salvageable as it was, but the handle is perfect for holding chalk!
 It reads "Hamilton".  How cool, huh?
 Also won was an old, sugar cone mold (great for displaying candles!)...
 And a sweet little basket...
 This milking stool was another auction win.  This is how it looks NOW... after I painted it with red chalk paint...
 This is how it looked before...
 After working on the booth, I met up with the sweet ladies in Council Grove for some rug hooking.  Of course, I forgot to pull my camera out of my bag while I was there.  We were too busy visiting, hooking, and eating.  And having a great time!

This is what I worked on while there yesterday... just a simple hit n' miss... scrappy little rug...

I have many more re~do projects in the works... pieces won at the auction.  As I get more finished on them, I will share the progress.

My cross stitches are moving along.  I have one pattern about ready for RELEASE... and another one getting closer.  With any luck... they will be here and ready before too much longer.  I know many of you are waiting patiently.  Thank you for that!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Great auction wins, Betty. Your booth looks very inviting!
    So happy you are getting some much needed rain. I grew up in the country (but it's not "country" any more) and it was no fun in the summer when the well got low or went dry!
    Hugs :)

  2. Very Nice things you won at the event! Love the milking stool and the will be a pretty addition to the table with candles. Thanks for the share...XO

  3. What wonderful finds and redoes!!!! I really love your hooked rug! I love the pattern and colors! Just awesome!

    Love and hugs!

  4. Your booth looks wonderful, lots of goodies.


  5. Everything looks great and so very tempting. Glad you have a hooking group to enjoy!


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