Friday, May 31, 2013

~*I'm HERE*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Oh gosh... time goes by so fast!  I just know there are some ~*Friday Finishes*~ out there that I'm missing!  I know I have seen some beauties on Facebook that I wanted to share here on my blog.  But... my mind is skipping gears!  I'm so sorry Stitches!  I honestly meant to get on my computer and save them & share them... but then ~ besides skipping gears ~ my mind has shorted out & malfunctioned.  I have my phone with me always and love to browse Facebook with it... but I haven't been on the actual computer much at all.  That needs to change!  I HAVE to get back in the swing of things!  I'm going to try.  

Stitches, please accept my sincere apology for missing any shares.  If the finishes are emailed to me, I file them in a folder and can catch them better... I see them on Facebook, but am not organized enough.  So, if you can, email them to me please.

What have I been up to?  Well... Summer Vacation has begun and I have been trying to keep the kiddo busy.  I hate that... "I'm bored, Mom." statement!  Don't you?  We have been going on walks and bicycle rides... and visiting lots of garage sales... getting to piano lessons & ball practice... and lots of playdates. 

My husband and younger stepSon are getting into Vintage Dirt Bike Racing.  Tony went to his first race a couple months back... I had posted about that, I think.  He and Jamie both went this past weekend.  They raced on Saturday and camped out... then raced again on Sunday.  Trinity and I caught up with them on the second day to watch... and take some pictures...

 Tony giving Jamie some pointers.

 Tony is in the front on his Combat Wombat bike... Jamie is behind him on Tony's CR125.  These bikes are both nearly 40 years old.  Now, after last weekend, Jamie is shopping for his own bike.

 Trinity doesn't race... YET.  He has the fever for it though... and has been practicing at home.  He enjoyed watching all the races on Sunday.

I, of course, don't race.  One day I may have a bike that I can ride, but not race.  Tony really wants me to ride with him around home and on some local trails.  For now though... I have been getting some stitches done between all the other activities that keep me busy.  Here is the start of a new sampler...
Wishing you all warm smiles... and a busy, Happy start to your Summer...



  1. I have ridden dirt bikes when I was younger but anything I can fall off of, is not my idea of fun, lol.


  2. Betty it looks like a fun summer ahead...what is this vintage racing? that's what I grew up with...Trinity is adorable!


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