Friday, June 14, 2013

~*And Two Weeks Later...*~

She posts again!

Hello Dear Friends!  Here is what keeps me away from my computer...

Ball and more ball!  Trinity has been doing GREAT this year!  You know I am one PROUD Momma!
 Tony and Trinity rode in the Americus Day Parade last weekend.  Here they are getting ready...

 During Americus Days... we watched the Lawn Mower Races.  Hmmmm... interesting, but not really exciting!  *smiles*
 We have been loving Summer... and our puppies... Brownie enjoys going on long walks with us.
 I've been hitting the garage sales, auctions, and thrift shops for junk to re~do.  I found this awesome doll house yesterday!
 We have been working hard keeping our booth at ReRuns stocked and inviting...

That means lots of re~do projects!  Like this old frame... I filled it with a chalkboard...
 Between re~do projects, I get in some fiber fun!  I made this primitive, penny rug from scraps... and was sure to include a penny inside for Good Luck!
 Another re~do piece!  This piece was missing the dresser... but is super~dooper darling now!
 How about a primitive~looking liquor cabinet made from an old record player?
 With a pop of RED inside!
 This one I'm keeping!  This frame (no picture, just the frame) belonged to my Grandma Betty & Grandpa Bill.  My Mom gave it to me recently.  I added the chalkboard to it & hung it in our kitchen.  I LOVE it!  Hanging to the right of it is an iron match holder filled with chalk.  Sweet!

And, with working late nights in the garage with the light as bright as I can get it... well, it seems to attack some visitors to our back door!  These guys won't hurt anyone... but they sure our creepy!  YUCK!
I hope you are enjoying Summer!  I hope you are filling in your days as full as you can with all kinds of goodness!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Ahhhh Summertime! :-) Trinity's bike is awesome!!!
    The booth is looking great too! You can keep the bugs though... that's one aspect of Summer I don't like at all... lol!

  2. Great redo's and making things into chalkboards is a great idea.



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