Thursday, July 25, 2013

~*Annie Sloan*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I have a confession... I broke down and bought some!  Yes, I kept telling myself, "No!  It is too expensive and you don't need it!  You can get beautiful finishes from the less expensive, latex paint by adding cornstarch or Plaster of Paris."... but then I was also telling myself, "It looks really cool & folks speak so highly of it.  You should at least TRY it!"

So I did!

I traveled down Highway 99 to one of the sweetest, vintage shops... Rhinestones & Rust... which is owned by the most delightful & beautiful bunch of girls... and I bought 2 cans of it!  And... you should know... I am SO HAPPY I DID!  It is really COOL stuff!

Over the last several months, I have been making my own 'chalk' paint.  I like how the mixed paint works and I love the finishes I have created.  However, I did still have a desire to try the Annie Sloan paint.

Making my own 'chalk' paint... Here is my recipe...

Use 2 parts latex paint (any - flat, semi-gloss, egg shell will work) to 1 part regular Corn Starch (yup, just like you have in the kitchen)... or Plaster of Paris.  Either will work.  Mix it well.  If needed, or desired... add a little water to thin it, but is isn't necessary.

Now... before I go on to share my first Annie Sloan paint finishes... I should tell you, Annie Sloan paint does not have any 'chalk' or other additive mixed into it.  The paint is a mixed (or made special) paint.  I felt like it had a 'chalky' look to it once it was dry.  Maybe that is why she, Annie Sloan, calls it Chalk Paint.  Who knows?    

Here are my first projects...

Two hall trees... one was purchased recently at a garage sale and the other we have had for years...
 I bought Greek Blue and Emperor's Red paints.  This is after just 1 coat... yes, I needed 2 coats when using the Annie Sloan paint.  Whereas with my own mixed chalk paint, 1 coat is usually enough.  BUT, the Annie Sloan paint does go a long way.  I barely put a dent in either quart of paint.

 Here they are after...
 I ordered new, matching hooks for the red hall tree.  We are keeping this one (it is the garage sale find)... and the other hall tree was taken to our booth at ReRun Consignments and Mall this afternoon.

Both finishes are nice and I am pleased.  I will be using Annie Sloan paints again.  I LOVE the colors available.  I have tried to 'match' them with latex paints... but haven't been able to do it all that successfully.  So... since I do like the paint & it is so cool to paint with... I will be buying more!  *smile*

Here is a color chart I found online of Annie Sloan's paint.  Personally, I don't think my Greek Blue is nearly as dark as the color chart.  I really wish I would have purchased Napoleonic Blue instead.  Hmmm... maybe that will be the next quart of paint to come home with me!!!  *grin*
 I've been stitching (and crocheting) too.  Here is the cluttered workspace in the living room.  I just LOVE my new rocker!  It is a recent auction win.  Isn't it just LOVELY?!  (comfortable too!)
 Fall stitches... and a few crochet washcloths... have been keeping my fingers busy in the evenings.  Oh, I will share more of both with you soon...
Wishing you warm smiles...


P.S.  I'm trying this new Bloglovin thing now too.  I'm not sure what it is all about yet... but thought I should get involved with it.  


  1. Hi Betty,
    I'm finally back to blog land after 5 long months taking care of my mom. I have bee catching up on all of my favorite blogs and was very excited to see your recipe for chalk paint. I can't wait to try it. Stop by for a visit soon.

  2. I had to laugh because I was the exact same way... I've been painting pieces for years and know what I'm doing, like the finishes, why try something new? But I too finally broke down and tried it only because of all the raving and reviews. It is incredible!! I love how it goes a long way, especially the wax. I still find it unbelievable! Anyway, I've already planned lots of projects with it that will take me well into next year... it's that addicting, lol!

    Love your hall trees, I think they turned out great!


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