Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hello Dear Friends!

Life is full of changes!  Very unexpectedly, and out~of~the~blue... my husband and I have decided to dive HEAD FIRST and make some serious BIG, life changes!

It all started at a garage sale!  WOW!  We stopped at one being held out in the country.  It was a sale being run by a coworker of my in~laws.  (They were with us too.)  This gentleman has been cleaning and caring for his mother~in~law's estate over the past year or so.  While we were browsing through the garage sale items, he mentions to us that he will be listing the house on the market soon.  My husband's ears perked up... and before I could catch him by the collar to stop him... he was in the house looking from room to room!

Oh wait... let me back up!  Before we even went into the garage for the sale stuff... we all drooled over the view of the pond in the backyard!  So, technically, my husband was already IN LOVE with this home!
Once inside, my husband looked around and around and was complimenting the house at ever corner.  I was still trying to catch him and get him out!  I kept asking him if he was crazy!  And telling him, "We aren't buying a house!"  Yes, the house was nice... I agreed with that, but we didn't have plans to move.

Well... to make a long story short... our home is now on the market and we have a contract drawn up with this nice man and his family to buy their mother's home... as long as ours sells. 

OUR HOUSE IS FOR SALE HERE!  With our favorite realtor, Lacie Hamlin.


So, over the past couple of weeks, we have been working frantically around our house doing some much needed updates and some major downsizing (and lots of cleaning!).
We remodeled our bathroom.  Gone is the 1970's pink... and the hideous paneling with the gold specks that we have always referred to as "Gold Spiders"!  We had a tub in the old bath, but have always wanted (and needed!) a shower.  So, after 7 years living here and 'putting up' with this out~dated mess... we now have an up~to~date & fresh bathroom to offer a prospective buyer!

Much better!  Don't you think?  Hopefully a buyer will like it!  (and SOON!)

Along with the bathroom work... we have been sorting & purging & cleaning EVERYWHERE!  There are piles of things here and there that are scheduled to be taken to a local auction house this coming Monday...

There will be LOTS and LOTS of things up for bids that we have collected and stored for too long.  It is time to let it go.  And... if all goes well... it will be LESS for us to move!
With all these changes... my craft business will be making changes too.  I have not decided yet what all those changes are going to be.  For now, I have closed my shop here at home.  The booth I share with my SIL, Robin, is still active at ReRun Consignments in Council Grove... and I really do wish to keep that.  However, my crafty ventures... my cross stitch patterns and all... are still needing some thinking about.  Once things calm down, I know I will have a bright look to the future and it will all work itself out then.  I'll keep you posted!
In the meantime... your kind thoughts, friendship... and prayers are greatly appreciated!
Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. Wow! Good luck and God Bless with everything! It seems you guys sure know how to live it up! :-)

  2. it's must be so exciting for you and your family, betty!
    reminds me of 9 years ago when we sold our home in california and moved here on 4.5 acres in northwest missouri, what a change it was for us...i had only seen this house on the internet...
    you just never know what surprises life brings :)
    hope your home sells fast!

  3. Such a beautiful setting at your new home !!! Love your bathroom sinks-cupboards !!! So pretty ! Best wishes on your move !

  4. wow! your new home is so wonderful!! i loved the backyard!!

  5. I wish you the best in selling your home and the new place looks wonderful. I have always wanted a pond like that, sounds like a dream home.


  6. How exciting! Nothing like a good move to clear the cobwebs and cause a person to re-focus on what's most important. Have fun, and may your days be touched by only the good kind of stress. ;)

  7. Sounds like it was "meant to be". You've done a great job updating your house and I hope it sells quickly for you! ~Roberta

  8. How exciting! Hope to see the new home in pictures soon!

  9. Good luck with everything! The pond at the new place looks very peaceful... love the new cabinets in your bathroom.... best wishes for a fast transaction--on both ends!

  10. Good luck! I hope you find a buyer soon.
    Isn't it amazing the things you want to do for years but don't do until you want to sell???
    Hugs :)

  11. Well, that's exciting news, good for you guys!

  12. Wow!! Lots of changes going on for you and your family. Best of luck in selling your house. Will definitely miss coming to your shop.

  13. wow love your changes and remember change is good!!! You will be blest!!!

  14. Wow! Lots of things going on in your world! How exciting though even amongst the stress. It sounds like a lovely place, especially with the pond. I hope everything works out in your favor and after it's all settled down... you WILL know what you should do about your crafting and stitching. Prayers for you throughout this adventure~

  15. Oh my goodness, I allowed my husband one shower in the spiffy new bathroom he finished just before the sale sign went up in our yard! Best wishes for a smooth ride!

  16. Sounds like the opening of a window! Love the beautiful scenery, and look forward to seeing more of the home and your touch on it.

  17. Nice house you have for sale, I hop all goes well with the new place!

  18. Just found your blog , and loved reading it . I'm also an impulsive person and do things on a whim.
    I have long wanted to re,home but my son's say ' you are fine where you are' they are right but it doesn't change how I yearn .


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