Monday, April 7, 2014

~*I'm Working*~

Hello dear Friends! Once again... I'm posting weeks apart. I'm still working on finding my groove and a regular routine. Just when I think it is all figured out... another wrench is thrown into the mix. This time... it is another part time job. I now have two part time jobs. Three days a week I drive to Council Grove to work at ReRun Consingments... where Robin and I have our antique/junque/craft/whatever booth... and now two mornings ~ EARLY MORNINGS... 6AM! ~ I work at the bait shop at Lake Wabaunsee. Yup... I am working at a bait shop. I sell the fishing licenses for the private lake... and worms, minnows, and crawdads! Now, did any of you see that happening?

The only reason I wanted to work there was for the opportunity to meet the friendly people around the area of our new home.  So far, it is working.  I've meet a handful of happy smiles and am looking forward to spending the summer at the lake too.  When school is out, my son can tag along with me and swim at the beach.  He will surely enjoy that!  The job started at the first of April and will run through the summer until September.

So far at the shop, we have not been busy.  It has still been a bit chilly outside... and folks are still working. Many of the lake residents have their cabins as vacation homes only.  They will soon be leaving their winter homes and making residence at the lake.  Until then... it is a little slow.  

The really good part about that... I get to craft at work!!!  I took my hooking today...

This morning was a little cloudy and area farmers have been burning the fields.  One fire got out of control today... causing the local fire fighters to scramble together for assistance...

I'll take more pictures there this summer to share... and will continue to craft and share that too!  I promise!

My mornings before work are calm.  I'm now a coffee drinker.  I like to sit in this old chair... and am always surrounded by my little girls...
The chickens are growing, but I don't have an updated picture to share.  The chicken coop is coming along.  Hopefully it will be finished when the little ladies are ready to go outside.  

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of Spring... and are crafting lots of beautiful things!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. You have really been busy with the new house and a new community, looks like a great place to live.


  2. Yup you are a sweet dear friend
    Sending you lots of love x

  3. It sounds like a perfect job, Betty! Getting paid to be around friendly people is a dream of mine... :-) Congrats on joining us coffee drinkers... there's always room for one more! :-)

  4. So good to hear from you! Seems like you are a very busy lady.Blessings,Jen

  5. sounds like the good life to me, Betty. glad they got that fire under control. Many acres in our forests here in N Alabama have burned lately.

  6. Oh, Betty, sounds like a great place to work. The scenery looks beautiful and will only get better thru out the summer. I'm sure Trinity will enjoy spending summer there too.

  7. Good luck at your new job...sounds like fun! Janice

  8. Sounds like a great way to meet friendly folks, and get some crafting done too!


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