Wednesday, September 10, 2014

~*The Many Faces of Jack*~

Hello Dear Friends!

I've continued working on ditties to take to the two events I have scheduled... and have now added a 3rd event to my calender!

I'm so excited for all of these!  Hopefully I can continue to 'work' hard creating... and be very well prepared! 

In my pile of finished wares... are Jacks of many faces...

 Happy, Sad, and kinda Scary...

pillows, boxes, basket ties, and some added to odd, old things...

I've had the rusty spoons for a long time... auction or garage sale finds.  They are large & not usable for food... so I punched some Jacks to decorate them.  The coal scoop is my favorite!

This jar is from the thrift store.  The cork is still good... so I decorated the top!  A great place for some candy corn!!!

My Mister told me today that the squirrels are getting to the buckeyes.  So, I went out with my basket to gather a few for ME!  My Grandpa Milliken would find them and share with all us grand kids.  He would give us each one... then tell us they were for good luck.  *SMILE*  I've never had a Buckeye Tree before.  Now we have two at our home.  They make me happy!

So, how many Jacks are enough?  Hmmm... maybe I better do some more plain pumpkins and move on to more Snowmen, Santa, Gingerbread... and???

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. All the Jacks are great but my favorite is the omen the coal shovel.

  2. Lots of fun pieces and ways to display them, the small wooden spoons are a creative way to decorate with.


  3. Lots of fun pieces there! Love the old shovel!

  4. Love all their faces and your creative way of displaying them!!

  5. I absolutely love all your Jacks! I also favour the one on the coal scoop. I love your creativity. I have really got to try expanding some of my ideas for finishes.


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