Sunday, September 14, 2014

~*Yarns and More Yarns*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Yesterday, I had to make a run to Topeka.  Among the errands... I had the pleasure of stopping by a wonderful yarn store in Fairlawn Plaza Mall.  The store is called Yak N' Yarn.  I enjoyed the store, meeting the owner, and drooling over all the awesome yarns.  Of course, I did bring home a bunch to add to my stash...

Some is 100% wool... some are blends...
 The creamy wool in this picture (below) was also purchased at the store... but I wound it into a ball before I took the stash picture.  This creamy wool is from right here in Eskridge.  The wool comes from Angora Goats raised by a local teenage boy.  He sends the wool off to have it spun, but it is so cool to me that it comes from right here!  I hope to get more of this wool and dye it myself.
 Here is how it punches up with my Cameo Needlepunch...
 I did take some of the wool to try my hand dying it... along with some wool fabric.  I wanted an Antique Black.  My results are not exactly what I was aiming for... wish I would have used more brown and less black.  I use ProChem dyes... and am not too experience with it.  Maybe after some practice it will turn out more as planned.
 Here is how the wool turned out.  At least my finished product is mottled really GOOD!
 The finished look is more like ~*Wicked Stormy Gray Skies*~
 After playing in the dye pots today... it was off to work in the pole barn.  On September 26 and 27... we will be hosting a sale here as part of the Fabulous Finds On 99.  My sister~in~law and brother~in~law will be here with us.  We will all sorts of things... from typical garage sale junk (no clothes), vintage, antique, tools, and lots of other stuff.

The annual sale event if for all of Highway 99!  Two full days of awesome, fun sales!!!  Check it out!!!

It is so good that we have a tractor and pick up to help us with this project!  Now if only I could stop sneezing from breathing in too much dust!

Wishing  you all warm smiles...



  1. I love working with wool yarn too, trying to decide on an idea for some chair pads.


  2. My goodness Miss Betty I have been reading through your post and WOW girl you have been busy! Love all the things you are making and wish I could be there to buy some!!!!
    I bet you will do great :) Can't wait to see what else you are making.


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