Monday, October 20, 2014

~*New ePattern!!!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Oh... I think after many brutal hours of staring at my computer screen... that I may have figured it out!

~*Willie the Sheep*~

For many months now, I have told you that I am working on offering PDF patterns (instant download email patterns).  Honestly... I have been thinking and planning it!  However, it has been so very frustrating trying to figure it out myself.  I really feel very computer stupid!

Today though... I have been sitting at my computer ALL DAY... and have been focus and stubborn... and committed... and I have one pattern up on Etsy now to prove it!  Can you cheer with me????  Please????  *SMILE*

The picture of ~*Willie*~ the sheep is my first ePattern offering.  Many of you may remember several years back, that I had ~*Willie the Sheep*~ in my doodle booklet.  I thought it was fitting to have him as my first ePattern too!

And... for those interested... YES!  There will be more patterns ~ BOTH NEEDLEPUNCH AND CROSS STITCH!  I have a needlepunch doll pattern ready to load into the PDF maker and about 3 cross stitch models that need framed or finished 'into something'... so they can have a photoshoot and loaded into it too!  Please be patient with me.  I'm trying... and trying hard!

For anyone interested in ~*Willie the Sheep*~ Needlepunch ePattern... CLICK HERE to visit the listing on Etsy.

Or, on the sidebar... I've added a button that will take you directly to Paypal for a purchase.

Patterns will arrive in your email inbox within 24 hours.  (The pattern will print on 9 pages.)

Thank you for the encouragement and support!  I will keep working hard... and designing, charting, stitching, punching, hooking, and playing!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Willie is too, too cute! Sheep are my favorite animals. I don't needle punch----could this be hooked?

    1. YES! I don't ever have a problem with folks personalizing my designs to fit their own needs. The pattern could be enlarged and hooked... and would be awesome!!! :-)

  2. waowwww, I love your needlepunch patterns. I a m happy for the first and I have bought : Willie the sheep. I a m waiting others... big kisses from France ,evelyne.

  3. Dear Betty,
    Willly is fantastic. This a fantastic work! Never ever could make this! I'm deeply impressed!
    Congratulations and all my best from Austria


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