Tuesday, October 28, 2014

~*Punching Santa Claws*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Recently, the super talented Lori Brechlin, gave a freebie pattern to the members of the Facebook Group "The Out of Hand Rug Hookers".  (Thank you Lori!)  It is called "Santa Claws".  I thought is was sweet and drew it up quickly on some Monk's Cloth with the plan to punch it.  It took me some time to get it started... but I did just that yesterday!  

Yes, I SHOULD be working on more finished wares for the 1st Friday Event... "GET COZY"... coming up on November 7th at Fairlawn Mall in Topeka.  But... I can always take the finished "Santa Claws" with me... burn the midnight oil during the next week and a half to finish all the other things I have started!  Right?

And for those asking... I am also trying to find the time to get those needlepunch doll PDF patterns worked up.  I'm struggling with sizing... and my schedule.  I will do it though!!!  I promise!!!  Thank you for being patient with me.

Well... here is my "Santa Claws" in progress...

I'm punching with both wool yarns (mostly bulky weight) and wool fabric.  The yarn and wool strips are both punched with my #10 Amy Oxford needle (Well, for the most part they are.  I will explain more in a minute.)  It doesn't bother me... with my primitive mind... that the yarn and strips are punching at different height loops.  The wool strips are taller loops.  To me... this will just be that much more interesting to the eye.

The backside... the working side.  I had two large swirls on the cat body... but pulled one up and made it more elongated.  It is my hope that this will give the fur some movement in the finish. I am also punching in a few places on the body with some black, worsted weight yarn to add more depth...

Do you see the different height loops?

The cat eyes were punched with worsted weight yarn and my #8 Amy Oxford punch.  They are set back because the loops are much shorter.  I'm not sure I like the white nose... may pull it out and redo with a different color.

My messy lookin' loops...

The wool fabric I am using is one of my GREAT thrift store finds!  I found this skirt at the store last week for only 50 CENTS!  It isn't 100% wool... but there was enough wool in it and the pattern/colors were just perfect for the yarns I had for "Santa Claws"...

Well... back to punching for me...

Wishing you all warm smiles... and crafty hands!



  1. Looking great! I've just GOT to get myself an Amy Oxford punch. I hook mostly in #8.5 wool strips, would that be a #10 Amy Oxford?


    1. Thank you Saundra! No, the #8.5 would be too wide for the #10 punch. The strips would need to be #6 cut.

  2. Love the wool you used,
    really fun texture for him. I like the white nose, makes him fun.


  3. Loving the texture on this one! I haven't tried the Oxford yet but am certainly enticed by you and many others who are! So many possibilities, so little time! lol


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