Saturday, October 11, 2014

~*Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow!!!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Tomorrow is the day!  Customer Appreciation Day at the wonderful Cabin Antiques at Lake Wabaunsee!

 I am so tickled that Pam, the owner, invited my Mom and I to be a part of this great day!  I am excited, nervous, thrilled, scared, and... well, a little stressed because I want everything to go over awesomely.

Mom and I will be set up on the back porch of the cabin... here...
 The cabin is so amazing!  Pam and her husband built it themselves.  It is at the beautiful, Lake Wabaunsee... right across the street from where they live.  The views from the cabin are spectacular.  Lots of rolling flint hills.  Amazing really!  Oh, and I didn't even realize until the other day... more charm about the cabin, it doesn't have any electricity!  It is a real, honest to goodness, cabin!

Mom and I have both been working hard to create items to take.  Mom makes these darling, sweethearts.  They are crocheted and sculpted with such great detail.  Each one has its own, unique personality.  You can see more in her Etsy shoppe.  She works with great care and craftsmanship... just stunning and oh~so~CUTE!  She set her wares up at her house, in her dining room, this morning ~ to practice...
 Oh... she is more prepared than I am!  I just finished my last item about 30 minutes ago... and put all my things ~ that would fit ~ in a thrown 'here and there' mess.  Needlepunch, Oxford punch, hooked mats, covered boxes, a little cross stitch... and all sorts of pieces.  What wouldn't fit is still setting in a couple of large totes...

My evening will be spent now trying to price everything.  I'm so thankful my Mom will be with me... she can help me empty my boxes and set things up after she has her table set... since she already knows how it will be displayed!

During the day, I will be demonstrating both needlepunch and Oxford punch.  At 3:30 though... we will all be enjoying Pam's brother, Greg, while he sings on the front porch.  

If you are near... please visit us for the fun!  Check out the cabin, the antiques, snack on some treats, enjoy the music, and see our wares.  We would love to visit with you!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Good luck with your selling. Sounds like a fun day.
    Hugs :)

  2. Good Luck tomorrow Betty! I hope you sell it all! You certainly have been busy and it looks like you have some really fun creations!! Enjoy your day, can't wait to read about it!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful place to do a show and you made a lot of beautiful pieces. I hope you have a good showing.



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