Wednesday, April 22, 2015

~*Happy Earth Day... gardening and weaving*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Happy Earth Day to you all!  I hope you have enjoyed the day and celebrated in one way or another.  For us... it was mowing, weeding, watering, seeding... and later, I will be recycling more denim to weave more rugs!  But... I have stopped to enjoy the greens... the sunshine... the smell of the Spring Time air... and all this beautiful Earth has to offer us around our own humble home...

Our pond is looking a rich, mossy green... but still so quaint, peaceful, and enduring...

We built the front part of our garden fencing the other day... none of the supplies needed to be purchased... all the posts, boards, and gate were in the barn.  The old farmer that lived here before must have saved it thinking he would put it somewhere ~ someday... so we did!  Do you see the broken board on the gate?  Yup... I think I will leave it just like that!  I love how old and primitive it is... just like it has been here for years and years!  The other three sides will be plain chicken wire to keep the bunnies out!

Potatoes and onions are growing great!
 My rows make it look like I am a 'drunken~gardener'... not one is straight... but oh well... we will have plenty of veggies Summer!
 My garden has more than vegetables... I have planted Zinnias, Cosmos, Marigolds, and (I may decide later this was a mistake), but I also planted some Morning Glory along the new fence.  I sure hope they don't take over!

These are the Marigold starts...

Oh... and I can't forget my Sunflowers!  *Smile*

I have finished and listed another woven, denim rug.  It is listed in my Etsy shoppe...

This one has some Vintage Curtain fabric mixed in to make random stripes.  Swing by to take a look if you have a chance.

Also, this one was listed last week for my update on Primitive Handmades Mercantile.  It is still available if you are interested.
(I will always combine shipping too.)

I have a BIG stack of denim to prep for weaving... I had better get busy!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Love all the primitive fencing around your little garden! Just perfect in every way.
    Love,Love,Love my rug that you wove.....I have one on my kitechen table and one in my crafting room. They are so cheery and brighten up the rooms. Makes me smile everytime I see them :)

  2. Oh yes, sticking the hands in the soil and plant some vedgetable and flowers is wonderful!!! Sure it will grow and you'll have a fantastic harvest and flower beds all over!
    All my best from an Austrian gardener

  3. Your garden is looking wonderful there, Miss Betty! A gal can never have too many morning glories! :-) Love the rug with the curtain and denim... beautiful!

  4. What make of loom do you use for the rugs?


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