Tuesday, April 7, 2015

~*Spring~Time Color*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Oh... I do know some of my northern friends are still getting hit by cold and snow.  I'm so sorry for that.  Maybe this will bring you warm smiles...

Our fruit trees are older and the trees look it too... but the blooms are just beautiful.  The bees have been buzzing around them... and we hope to have many apples, peaches, and pears this year...

My latest rug must be inspired by the colorfulness of Spring... or the upcoming Summer fun...

 This one is made from strips, both cut and ripped, of forgotten fabrics... quilt fabrics and other calicoes.  It is light weight, reversible, and oh so lovely!  I think it would look just beautiful on the picnic table with a vase full of blooms!

I untied it from the loom last night... and just listed it in my Etsy Shoppe.   Oh, I am just loving my loom and making these rugs!

And last night after one was removed... I started another denim one...

I just can't stop myself!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I bet the loom is happy to be getting the exercise. :)

  2. Wonderful rugs by "Betty the beautiful weaver". I love the multicolored rug but totally adore the denim ones.

  3. Wonderful colors to inspire future rugs. We have apple trees, but never tended them so they bloom but the apples are horrid.



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