Thursday, July 23, 2015

~*I'm Giving Yet Another!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

The 'Dog Days Of Summer' are upon us... and I know we all love a cute dachshund... and many of us love pumpkins!  So...

~*Fall Pup*~  FREE DOODLE!
Enjoy!  Hook, punch, stitch, paint... whatever the medium you choose... have fun with the doodle!  Resize to your desire.  Please though... give credit for the design to me ~ primitivebettys/Betty Dekat.  Your finished works may be sold, but no 'mass production' please.  Also, DO NOT sell the pattern!  It is free FREE FREE!  Thank you!  Oh... and I do love to see those finished items!  Share them with me!

It feels GREAT to be doodling!  I don't know that I will have a new doodle everyday forever... but, for now, I'm having FUN doing it!

Wishing you all warm smiles... and crafty fingers!



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