Friday, September 30, 2016

~*Fun Punching and Hooking Techniques*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Here are a few recent finishes... with some fun techniques I tested for the first time...

These are both punched with a variety of yarns ~ both wool and acrylic ~ and some wool strips... using 3 different sizes of Amy Oxford Rug Punches... #8, #10, and #14... on quality Monk's Cloth.

Using the different needles made some loops higher than others.  The higher loops are done with the #8 around the mouths and noses.  The lowest loops are done with the #14 for the grooves of the pumpkins and the inset of the noses.  The #10 was used to complete the JOLs.  Believe it or not... the punching was LAST in the making of these quirky fellas.
The variety of needles was not the only interesting part!  I used an applique with hand stitches to create the teeth.  This was done first in the process.

Quills  (wool swirls) were made to create the swirls of the eyes.  This was my second step.  These are cut wool worms wound and stitched to the Monk's Cloth.

It was a different sort of system... working from the front sometimes... and then from the back too.  Punching, as you know, is done from the back to the front.

After they JOLs were created... they were attached to some boards.  I'm thinking they will be awesome, interesting, unique Halloween decor!

My head is whirling with ideas for these techniques and a few others that I have yet to try!  Oh the things I wanna make!!!  

If you are interested in purchasing these fellas as finished products... they are listed for your consideration in my Etsy Shoppe.  Thank you for looking!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. I love using different threads and yarns and experimenting, love how your pumpkins came out, and the way you did the mouth, great idea to make them more 3D.


  2. Hi Betty, I love all the different techniques and textures. They are awesome!

  3. So smart of you to do the wool applique for the teeth. I've hooked teeth before and your idea is much better; thanks for the tip for next time.

  4. Always so {innovative & clever} Ms. Prim Betty!! These are FUN & reflect your "fun-STER" personality my friend! ~♥~ love these Jacks!!! xoxo ~Diane


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