Thursday, July 6, 2017

~*Goat Farm Freebie!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Yes, once again, it has been forever and a day since my last post.  As the days go by, I continue to find BALANCE.  Someday it is my hope that will be the case.  Until then, no promises.  However, I will continue to try.

Rather than go on and on about all the changes and going~on's around our home... I will post about the most recent!  Last week we adopted five, beautiful, Colored Angora Goats!  I have plans to raise and breed them.  My dream also is to shear and spin their lush, mohair to use with my weaving.

Please meet Carly and her baby Fiona...

On the left is Prissy and taking a sip of water is Missy...

And this is the beloved Chloe...
 Chloe seems to like to pose for the camera...

I have been spending a lot of bonding time with them since bringing them home.  It seems there isn't a day when the camera isn't in my hands snapping pictures of them.  It is like I have five newborns and am a new Momma!  *smile* 

Prissy is always trying to reach the green on the other side of the fence.  She has learned (for the most part) how to pull her head back in.  However, there have been a few times I've had to help her.  This particular time, she was good.  She pulled her head back and followed me to the other side of the pasture to start grazing in the shade.

Momma Carly will celebrate her 2yr birthday this month.  The others were all born this past March~May.

With this post, here is a FREEBIE DOODLE inspired by my love of the Kansas Flint Hills and Prairies... and my love for my new goats...
You are free to enlarge/reduce/print the doodle/pattern for your own use.  Please do NOT sell the pattern!  You may create handworks for resale of a small amount only.  Minor alterations to personalize are also welcomed, as long as credit for the doodle/pattern is given to Primitivebettys/Betty Dekat.

Enjoy and be inspired to rug hook, needlepunch, applique, or create with another form of media!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I love your new goats and fun following along on Facebook. Love the doodle too, definitely want to make this one.


  2. Thank you Betty for the freebie! I love it. I also love the new additions to the family and can't wait to see if some sheep are going to follow.

  3. Your babies are adorable! Thanks for the pattern.

  4. Love your goats and the free drawing. We all get so busy and it is hard to catch up. Love the sunflower,too!

  5. New goats, how wonderful! They are all adorable.

  6. Those goats are adorable. And thank you for the pattern. My daughter is getting goats in August so I think I will punch the pattern for her (and add some chickens too)

  7. Hey there sweet Betty!! How FUN & LUCKY you are to be raising goats now...they are always a "hoot" & full of *frolicking fun* & *inquisitive nature*! ENJOY them & thank you for your adorable {Goat Farm} freebie, you're one of the MOST thoughtful ladies I know!

    Woolly Warm Hugs from me to thee...
    Ms. Adorable! Enjoy your bonding time Mama with ~*BIG SMiLEs*~ :D ♥ Diane


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