Saturday, December 30, 2017


Hello Dear Friends!

How about a little NEEDLEPUNCHING!  Yup, I am squeezing in a little crafty time.  Something happening and you may be interested in seeing...

Beginning with Weaver's Cloth, one of my gripper frames, and a Sharpie marker... I doodled this little pony with inspirations of old hooked rugs...

Then I collected some various threads... DMC 6 strand embroidery floss, Perle Cotton, Valdani #12 and #8 and my Cameo UltraPunch...

And then I began to punch.  Doing something a little different ~ maybe something considered WRONG... but I let myself create some texture to my punching by using the different threads AND using either a #2 or a #3 setting on my needle.  It created this WONDERFUL mix of highs and lows on the surface of m tiny rug!  I adore it!!!  Maybe you can see in this


 Next... it will be removed from the frame and finished off.  A tiny table top rug?  Framed?  Atop an old box?  I'll have to examine my options.


Wishing you all warm smiles ~ A very Merry Christmas ~ and a Blessed New Year!



  1. That is a wonderful piece, love using old rugs as inspiration for punch.


  2. Looks wonderful Betty. I love the hills and valleys you created using different needle settings. Great job. Happy New Year! Janice

  3. Hi Betty, just discovered your blog through Pinterest. I am also just discovering punch needle work and am so excited to find such a lovely blog to inspire me:D Hugs for now from brrrr/snowy New Hampshire...
    P.S. I'm your newest follower too :D


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