Wednesday, September 3, 2014

~*More Oxford Punching... How To Part 2*~

Hello again Dear Friends!

To finish the boxes... this is what I did...

After the glue has dried, cut away the excess Monk's Cloth right next to the outer punched row... carefully.  Because the piece is glued, it won't unravel.
 Now, there are probably snags on the right side of your piece... I told you they were unavoidable.  Simply snip them off even with the loops.  Next, press your piece with a hot iron and a damp towel.  This will even out the surface even more.  I press the piece face down and again face up.
 See all the snags I had on mine?  They will be gone soon.
 This is a blurry picture... but next I grabbed my hot glue gun.  I put a generous spot of glue in the center of my box and placed my punched piece in place.  This is just to hold it for the next step.
 Next, I threaded my sewing needle with my favorite linen thread and stitched a strand of the same wool yarn to the very edge of my punched piece.  This hides the cut edge of the Monk's Cloth and gives a very nice finished edge.  I stitched with a button hole... or blanket stitch.  You could probably stitch this on without the spot of hot glue to hold it to the lid... but this is how I prefer to do it.
 Then, generously coat the lid of the box with Tacky Glue.  Smooth out the punched piece on the box.  I then stack a few books on top while the glue dries.
 See how smooth the tops are now?
 All done!
And that is how I did it!

I'm not a pro-puncher... but I do enjoy it.  If you have any questions, I will be happy to try to answer them.  Just drop me a note or comment on this post.

Wishing you warm smiles...



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