Thursday, August 16, 2007

What do I do??????

Today is my little boys first day of school. Now, I am finding myself sitting here wondering what to do ~ where to start ~ what needs to be done ~ what do I want??????

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Surprisingly, I am not in tears about Trinity growing up & entering into his 'scholastic' years ~ I thought for sure a box of tissues would be with me all day. So I guess it could be worse. LOL I dropped him off and took pictures (probably too many). He is so excited. Because we live in the country, he doesn't get many chances to play with others his size. He is really looking forward to making new friends and seeing them everyday. I can't wait for the bus to drop him off and for him to tell me everything that happened today. Do you think he will remember?

Ok..... maybe I will start with some house cleaning, move on to some rug hooking, and maybe even take a nap. :)


  1. Oh man....a AWESOME!!!
    So jealous!!!!!

  2. Betty: He's just precious!!! I hope he had a GREAT first day!


  3. Oh Betty Trinity is so handsome and he looks SO happy, hope his first day was AWEsome


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