Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This is good ~ right?

Ok... this is good for me right? Recently I bought an Elliptical like this........

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I am trying to get past the feeling of this being an Out-ta-kill-me-machine!!! It is here in the house.... no excuses about taking a walk with it being to hot or too cold out. No excuses about not riding the bike because we live out in the country & taking it to town is too much of a hassle. No excuses about not going to the gym because I am too shy or they want money for me to join.

You should know ~ I hate to sweat, exercise, or eat right. Ya Ya Ya.... you know ~ all the things we are suppose to do for our health. Growing up, I was always the last one picked for dodge ball and stood out in right field ~ day dreamin' like Lucy when I was suppose to be watching the ball in softball. (The team I played on was called the Illusions ~ that in itself is a joke!) I love to eat anything sweet & feel that french fries (or any fried food) should be a part of the food group chart. My daily allowance of water is in the form of Diet Pepsi..... apparently another big no-no. (My oldest stepson says that diet sodas lead to memory loss..... or was it the youngest that said that? humm....)

It seems now that as I am getting a little older ~ that those bad habits are starting to catch up with me. I don't feel I am about to kick the bucket & am not breaking the scale.... but the commercial about the badonka-donk butts & thunder thighs feels appropriate for the way I see my body changing. And have you all heard of 'matronly' arms? Yup.... got those now too.

A couple weeks ago, my buddy Tammy of Skip to my Ewe, posted on her blog about the 5 Centers of Wellness. It was just a day or so later that I bought this mid-evil death machine. The first day, I was able to stay on it for about 5 minutes. Wooohoo! Right? Well, I am happy to say.... it is not collecting dust & today I reached my 35 minute goal. By next week, my new goal will be 45 minutes a day for 5 days a week. It is a step in the right direction - maybe.

I have been trying to eat a little better and have one or two 12 oz bottles of water in place of my soda per day..... but I am not gonna give up my french fries completely!!!! No way - no how!!!

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  1. Oh Betty,
    You are cracking me up!!!
    Good for you....I think as long as you have goals you will do great. As far as working up to 45 minutes....take a look at this cardio workout plan.
    This is what I do....quick and not too horribly hard. I hate cardio more than anything, but I can do anything for 20 minutes.
    Keep up with the water and let us know if you start feeling like you have more energy.


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