Sunday, September 2, 2007

Please vote in my pinkeep poll.....

Hello my friends! As you know.... I seem to have this fascination with pinkeeps. I have made them with needle punched & tiny cross stitched tops. They have been filled with a variety of different things..... from sand, raw wool, rags, sawdust & crushed walnut shells. I have never used regular poly fill - because I know this will dull your needles.... and it just isn't old-tyme enough for me. It would be great to have your opinion on the filling. What do you like? Please tell me!!! You opinion matters to me & will help me with my stuffings!! LOL

Here are a few of the pinkeep that I have listed on Ebay right now. One is filled with crushed walnut shells and the other two have sawdust stuffing.

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You can see all the pinkeeps listed by searching Ebay id.... primitivebettys or clicking on this link...

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  1. Betty,
    I don't know enough about the stuffings to have a clue on how to vote. I would vote for the crushed walnut shells, just because that sounds so rustic and prim!


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