Tuesday, May 20, 2008

~* Just a Quick Update *~

Hi Friends & Folks!

Today was Trinity's last day of kindergarten.... and the poor kid had to come home early because of an ear infection. Bummer! We made the visit to the doctor & he will be back to GREAT again in 5 days. :) He is very happy that it is now Summer.... and looking forward to swimming (after his ear is better) and t-ball. He is very proud that he passed kindergarten (you know I am too!).... and happy that he will be a big First Grader next year.

Tony did more work on the front porch for the studio. It is looking DARLING! He even hung my metal star. What a keeper he is!!

It was too dark at quiting time last night to work on the roof, but we have some recycled barn tin that he is planning on putting on top. We don't have enough to do the entire roof for the house. So for now, it will only be over the porch.

We found the original wooden screen door in the barn loft. I'll be making a visit to the local farm store for a spring.... so it will have the vintage 'cla-bang' sound when it closes.

I've already made the garden plans for the front of the porch. There is a huge stone that will be moved over to the narrow end of the porch to use as the step. Then I'll be planting a yellow climbing rose on each side of the front (the long side). After the roses, this will be the perfect spot for an herb garden. Of course, I still need to finish painting the house. That will come... in time.


Now... more update info for my stitcher friends! I have one of two models finished.... the other will be done by TOMORROW. I PROMISE! Also, I have a third chart worked up to offer as a gift. (more on that soon) The patterns, if all goes well, will be available by Friday. I'll keep you posted.

Many smiles to you,



  1. Congrats to Trinity on graduating kindergarten! Wishing him a quick recovery so he can have lots of summer fun.
    Betty ~ your porch is going to be awesome and I just love the screen door. Can't wait to see your roses and herbs. You certainly are one busy gal!
    :) Ginger

  2. It's SOOO nice looking! I would LOVE to have something like that on our property. You are very lucky!

    Congrats to Trinity on finishing Kindergarten. It goes by so fast, doesn't it?

    Hope your sun is feeling better!

  3. Congratulations to Trinity! Hope he gets to feeling better soon. Poor little guy, what a way to start summer vacation. Your porch is looking lovely. I can visualize the roses and herbs. Perfect!!

  4. So happy for Trinity for passing kindergarten!!! Too bad about the ear in fection though!
    Can't wait to see your porch/ studio all done its gonna look great! Have a great rest of your week!!~Wendy


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