Wednesday, May 14, 2008

~* Rug Hooking Challenge *~

Hi Folks! A few months back, I suggested a Hit n' Miss Rug Hooking Challenge to my friends on The Primitive Rug Hookers Group (PRHG on Ebay). Tonight was the finale!

I instructed those that wanted to take part in the challenge pick a shape.... any shape.... and repeat it to make up a design. The rugs had to be a minimum of 10 by 18 inches... and hooked entirely from wooly scraps. We had 12 rugs entered.... all beautiful and very unique!

The winner was Ev (emi1300 on Ebay)! When she sent her photo in, she called her rug 'Scrapbox Fiesta' because it resembled Fiestaware. Ev has a salsa mix HIT!

To see the other Hit n' Miss rugs click here.

Happy Hooking!



  1. What pretty rugs! Congratulations Ev. : ) Gosh that had to be hard to choose just one! Great job ladies.

  2. Gorgeous!!!
    You gals all make me wish I was a hooker... well... you know what I mean ;)

    Betty, I love this challenge and I love your post about the hog! Glad to know I'm not the only prim gal whose got a country heart but a city experience!

    As always, I've loved my visit!!! "See" you soon!

    Hugs... *Linda*

  3. What a super idea you came up with Betty! All those rugs turned out wonderful. I just love the scrappy look reminds me of when I was little and my Grandmother's made do with what they had!
    Hope you have a fun relaxing weekend!
    (*!*) Ginger

  4. Great bunch of rugs! Way to go Ev! All of them could be winners!


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