Wednesday, July 2, 2008

~*Time to Share Some Fun*~

Hello Friends! I would like to share some of my exciting adventures from this past weekend with you!

My sister-in-law, Robin, invited me to go with her to visit Toad Hollow Daylily Farm this past Saturday morning. It is not far from where we both live & was a beautiful morning to attend. Not only was it the annual Daylily Tour... but the weather was nice. It had rained the night before & was still sprinkling some... making the temperature manageable & the sun so it wasn't beating down on us. The gardens are just jaw~dropping STUNNING. If you are ever in the area, you should stop by! If it is too far for you to travel to... stop by the website to visit the slide show. You will see what I mean about jaw~dropping!

Besides the beautiful gardens, we spotted many unique, handmade pots. We were given a brief explanation of how they were made & wanted to learn more about them. .....more on the pots to follow..... gotta tell you about the rest of the day first.

After the tour, we headed off to a local estate auction. There we met up with her boyfriend & examined all the treasures to be won. Oh..... I do just LOVE those estate auctions! I have been trying to budget myself lately and not spend too much extra money.... so I was tickled PINK to fill up my car for only $28 ~ granted that is full of 'treasures' not gasoline.... but I did get to spend the whole day entertained with family and fun! My winnings consisted of a 5x7 wool, area rug (it is free of stains & doesn't smell) that will find a home in my future studio; a vintage, wood bowl & a couple old pottery bowls; a vintage floor lamp (another treasure for my studio once the dear hubby rewires it for me); and my PRIZE of the day...... a wooden firkin! I have been wanting a firkin for some time now ~ not for any particular reason.... just wanted one. It is missing the lid, but that made no difference to me.......

The firkin is about 9 inches tall, plus the handle, and 10 inches wide at its base. I thought it would be a good spot for some rolled up wool or dried flowers..... when I find the time to do it.

After I got home for the day..... I began my research on those handmade pots. I discovered the name ~ Hypertufa. This apparently isn't a 'new' process. Hypertufa troughs have been made for a great many years.... originating in the Orient, but becoming very popular in the 1920's on English farms. During my research, I found many recipes. Sunday, Tony took me to the home store to get the items needed. (he is a sweetie!)

Sunday afternoon, Robin came over so we could make some mud pies.....

We discovered that this is a learning process..... and weren't 100% happy with our results, but it was fun & we do want to try it again. Here is what the pots looks like while drying.....

I don't have a picture yet of how they look now.... but will plant at least one up to show later.

Well, that about covers the weekend...... until next time.... many smiles to you,



  1. Hi Betty~
    Thank you for sharing. The daylily farm is awesome! I will have to share the pots with my sister "Jane" she is the flower gardner in the family. Glad you had such a wonderful day out and found many new treasures!
    :) Ginger

  2. What a wonderful fun day! Love that firkin of yours - I've always loved them as well... So was that firkin included in the $28 worth of purchases? If so, Holy Cow! Sounds like the deal of the summer!
    Blessings, Patti

  3. It sounds and looks like so much fun! And that firkin! WOW, what a great find!!

  4. Wow Betty - your hypertufa troughs turned out really well! I've been wanting to make some for YEARS now and still haven't gotten around to it. Can't wait to see them all filled with plants and flowers!

  5. Hi Betty- Have you ever logged on to Garden Web? They have extensive articles on hypertufa. I have always wanted to try it, but never enough time.
    Sheri Please check out my garden too!


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