Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello Dear friends! Yes, it is true.... I've been working frantically to meet my deadlines. The 25th of each month is when my first update info is due. That is the day I would LIKE to have at least 4 finished items.... then there are more deadlines throughout the following week.... plus all the other finished goodies & patterns that I want/need to have done. Anyway, (enough complaining... right?) here is how I've been making the best of my time during the busy Summer days....

While the boys (my Trinity, my Nephew, and Trinity's best friend) played wildly in the pool (not a safe place for Mom, that is for sure!) LOL ....

I set up my workstation on the swing in the backyard.... (have to keep one eye on lil' rascals at all times, of course)....

Even though the temperature here have been near 100 degrees the past few days.... there has been a nice cool breeze. The swing sits under two large elm trees.... lots of cozy shade.

I was able to make my deadline today! YIPPEE! Want a little sneak peek?

That is all I can show you or tell you about right now. Please check The Primitive Gathering on August 1st!

Have a blessed weekend with lots of fun & smiles!

~ Betty


  1. Hi Betty! Kris from Dickersons here!
    Would you be interested in "playing" with us at our Open House at the farm in September? Drop me an email and I'll give you the scoop -- we'd love to have you join us! Hope to hear from you soon.... Kris (

  2. Howdy Betty...That is one great pumpkin. Oh I can hardly wait for fall. You can always come up with the most adorable items!


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