Saturday, September 20, 2008

~*Slowly but surely...*~

I'll get something finished...

Hello dear friends! I've worked on getting things caught up today ~ you know, the boring stuff like laundry & cleaning. I did get some pictures for some Ebay and Lemon Poppy seed offerings... but have suddenly run out of steam.

This lil' ditty did get listed on Ebay (starting at only 99 cents!)....

I have many more offerings to put up, but probably won't have a chance to work on them until Monday. Tomorrow is a fun family day. My darling hubby has decided to race his rc cars. Trinity might even get in on the fun with a new car that arrived for him in today's mail. My boys do love their remote control cars!

My warmest smiles & blessings your way for a wonderfully, sunny Sunday!

..... Betty


  1. Betty,
    Love your pumpkin, very creative and different, love how you did the handles. You are a lot braver than I, I would probably get .99 cents, lol.


  2. Hi Betty, So sorry to hear about your Dad. Always a difficult time when losing a loved one.
    Your pumpkin is amazing - so prim and simple. I love your website so have left a little something on mine for you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Betty, glad to hear you're home and getting caught up. Losing a parent is one of life's hardest times but we have faith we'll see them again.

    Love your pumpkin! So cute and perfect for this time of year.


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