Thursday, October 9, 2008

~*More Needle Punch*~

Hello Friends! Another needle punch ditty.....

(Listed on Ebay if you would like to see.)

I really enjoy to work 'dimensional' with my needle punch. I'm hoping to make up some more lil' sheep like those that I offered last year. For now... I'm trying to meet deadlines & fulfill promises and obligations. I've got cross stitch models in process along with a couple of hooked rugs. Oh... do I need to work quicker.... t'is the story of my life I suppose.

Well, on that note, back to work....

Many warm smiles to you,



  1. Oh, he is just so neat, what great work you do.
    I wanted to ask...can you use a rug hook frame for needlepunch? Mine has the steel teeth on each side.
    Thanks, Rondell

  2. Hello Rondell! :) I'm not sure if this reply is emailed to you or not... but to answer your question, YES you can most certainly use a rug hooking frame for punching. Sometimes it is a good idea to do that, especially when your regular np frame is too small for what you are wanting to make.


  3. Oh I love your new pumpkin piece. Very pretty!

  4. Betty,
    Love the new piece. I was thinking of punching on a punch cut out. Like how it came out.


  5. Betty....Love all your new needle punch pieces you have been making. I have some of your lil' sheep and keep them out all year but at Christmas time I hang them on one of my trees!
    Wishing you high bids on your pumpkin...

  6. Oh, I really love cute! I need to get my np supplies out and teach myself how to do this...I love all your goodies, they are so wonderful ~ blessings, kathy

  7. Thanks for taking the time to reply Betty,it was great to hear that I could possibly use it also for the needle punch I'd really like to learn but I think I'd have to order on line for the stuff that you use for it because there aren't any stores close to me that would have the supplies.


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