Sunday, November 2, 2008

~*Fresh Harvest Pears*~

Hello dear friends! Yes... we have TONS of ripe pears! I'm gonna need a bigger basket!

Look at the ones on the ground! You can get 'drunk' walking under the tree! The scent is very VERY sweet!

The sad thing.... I don't know how to can. I've made some pear crisp, but we can only eat so much of that. We have shared some with family... but have way more than we will use this year.

Tony does what he calls a 'walk about' through our yard on a daily basis. The cats follow along behind him. When he passes the tree, he grabs 2 or 3 to enjoy while he walks.

It is amazing how many we have on this lone pear tree... we didn't fertilize or spray them. They are just Nature's yummy gifts!


We have been enjoying our Halloween Weekend with loads of fun... and loads of candy. Trinity rode his horse for Trick or Treating...

For the annual costume party last night... we decided to go as Animal House toga goers... (Trinity added his own 'twist' to his costume)...

The party is given by my sister and brother in-law each year. They have it on their farm with a roaring fire, great food, and awesome FUN! We look forward to it each year & just love to see all the costumes everyone comes up with.


Other weekend news... I've just listed this on Ebay...

Click HERE to view the offering.

My buddies of BLESTB are having an Olde Thyme Christmas launch for the month of November. There are sure to many treasured creations offered. You won't want to miss them.... just search Ebay with the group letters BLESTB.

Our banner was made by Julie of Plumruncreek. Isn't it a dandy? Thank you Julie!

Well... guess I better get some more things done. Until then... many smiles to ya...


  1. Wow...that is quite a lot of pears!!! Too bad you can't dye wool with them! (or can you?!!!)

  2. Wow, pear pie, pear cake, pear crisp, pear pancakes, pear muffins! Beautiful dollie Ms Betty. And way cool costumes!!

  3. Trinity's cowboy and horse costume is da bomb!!!! I just just LOVE it! Probably had a ball running around making like he was riding a horse! LOL! The toga costumes are great too... I'm not going to admit how many times I've watch animal house... ;-) LOL!

  4. Loved Trinity's costume, AND you and your hubby. Funny movie lol. Oh, how I would love to be surrounded by a pear tree. It is high on my list as my favorite fruit. Just had one with my breakfast!Love all kinds, but bartlet is my fav. Lucky lucky you.

  5. Betty, love your costumes and Trinity looks like he was having a ball. And you've got quite a haul of pears.....funny, I don't think I've had a pear in years!! Too bad we're not having a hook-in this month. You could bring a basket of pears and see who'd want them.

  6. The first picture is worthy of framing and I know the perfect place to hang it in my house.

    It appears you're having a wonderful fall and that this past weekend was fun as well.

  7. Betty,
    I've never canned either, but it sounds simple enough. My mom makes this pear honey and it is DE-LISH!!


  8. Love eating pears just as is. Never canned them, but canning is not as hard as it looks, just time consuming.

    Looks like you all had fun this weekend and got to be silly too;)


  9. Betty, pears are about one of the easiest things to can, so let me know if you get serious about saving some of your bounty- we put up 3 dozen jars this fall, and they taste like they just fell off of the tree!

  10. Look at all those yummy pears! Wish I was closer so I could get some! Your new ebay listing is adorable!

  11. That's a lot of pears. I bet the pear crisp was YUM! Trinity looks so cute in his cowboy and horse costume and that's some cute couple in those toga's!

  12. WOWOWOW!!!!! I thought i have a bumper crop of persimmons....YOU have the Pears!

    We have two pear trees that happen to be in the sheep's field....sometimes I can't even go in there because the lambies are eating the ones that have fallen, and don't want me to pick the ones on the trees!

    Trinity is thee cutest ever!

    Blessed be, Bettygirl~
    Lori from Notforgotten farm

  13. Oh how I wish that pear tree were in my yard! Love that first pic. Very sweet ebay offering ~ blessings, kathy

  14. Betty - Those pear pictures are beautiful!! The colors just scream, hook me together!!! Would be a nice color combo. Good for you for taking on the canning :)


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