Thursday, November 6, 2008

~*Waste Not Want Not*~

Hello Dear Friends! Well... with the encouragement & support of my family and friends, I tried it. Yup... I canned pears and pears and more pears! With my hubby liking them so, I just couldn't let them go to waste. My dear SIL, Robin, loaned me her canner & gave me some tips. (Plus, bunches of you did too - Thank You!) Robin offered to come over to show me, but I thought I would attempt it alone so I could get it done while Trinity was at school.

Yesterday morning, I began peeling, coring, and chopping pears. My first attempt gave me 14 pints. Plus, I was really wanting to try making Pear Honey using a recipe I found on the web. I ended up with 11 jelly jars full of that too! I was in the kitchen ALL DAY... but the bounty was well worth it. I'm proud that I was able to learn something new.

My only troubles were 'floating' fruit and one lid that didn't seal. From reading, the floating really isn't a problem... it just doesn't look as good. I think it was caused because I didn't put enough fruit in the jars. When the pears cooked during canning, the air in them escaped causing the fruit to rise.

This morning I canned another 10 pints. They are packed better & don't seem to be floating as much. One lid crimped.... but we will just eat those first.

The lid that didn't seal yesterday was one with Pear Honey... so it gave me a chance to try it right away. Boy is it sweet! I tried it on toast... but think it will be much tastier on a hot biscuit. Yummmmmmmm

My first attempt at canning ~ Yeild 24 pints of pears and 11 jelly jars of Pear Honey... WOW!

Oh... and the banana bread in the picture? Well, I couldn't throw away our ripe nanners either! One loaf will stay here with us... the other will be taken to my Mom & StepDad tomorrow. They don't bake & just LOVE it when I take them a lil' treat!

Now that my kitchen work is finished for a bit... I'm going to go craft! I'm still working on a cross stitch finish. If I could only find some room in my workspace... it would be done.

Many warm smiles to ya...



  1. Oh, how sweet your house must have smelled... can I come sample your wares?

  2. Awesome job Betty! I never learned how to can, but I see how much work goes into it. Whew! I'm sure your hubby is very thankful..

  3. You did it! I bet it all taste absolutely delicious! Now you just need those hot biscuits....mmmhhh! Your banana bread is making me hungry as well! Such yummy treats.

  4. Betty,
    You baked loaves and canning looks delicious.
    I love baking when it is cooler, warms the house and love the scents.


  5. Good for you, Betty!!! I bet your family is impressed!

  6. Yum Betty! Makes me wish I had pears to can this year! Everything looks wonderful!

  7. You canning looks marvelous Betty. It is becoming almost a lost art. My cousin still cans everything. Especially tomatoes. She says they taste so much better. I never got further than making jam. Good for you. I bet next fall you will be doing veggies too.

  8. I can smell the hot banana bread from here! How about a cup of coffee with a slice? Everything sounds yummy! Good for you taking the leap and learning something new!

  9. Betty,
    I thought of you yesterday. One of the girls I work with brought in pears from her house. OMG they were so delicious....nice and crisp and sweet...yummy! Yes, the pear honey is awesome on hot biscuits. You go girl!

  10. how wonderful! I have never canned, but it's on my "someday" list. Canning & baking & crafting all in one day? WOW!

  11. I wanted to reach right in to the computer and grab a big hunk of that loaf! Very yummy looking. You have been very busy with all of the canning and baking!

  12. Yummy Betty!! Your blog is just so great!!!! You are so nice and so very talented!!! Smiles, warm regards! Cathy


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